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Do you have an invisible force field around you?

Asked by wundayatta (58591points) October 9th, 2010

I’ve noticed this with respect to meeting new people. It seems like when I am open to new people, they often seem to fall out of the woodwork. At other times, it seems like the force field is up and no one new comes near me. Sometimes the force field is up even when I don’t want it to be.

Does this kind off thing happen to you? Could you give an example?

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Not that I know of. Couldn’t wrap my head around this one, big guy. Not even with the details. Let’s see what the others say.

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I think I understand what you’re talking about. There are times when I seem to be very self-assured, and it’s easy to meet people. Then there are times when I seem to repel them. They come near and bounce off like they’ve hit something in me that they don’t care for and move on quickly.

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I can turn on the force field if I need to. My control of my energy is pretty good.

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Yes, usually when I want one I can make it happen.

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I know it as your aura and it is a very sensitive and telling force. Some people refer to it as intuition when meeting someone…but you will quite clearly feel that other persons energy and depending on the good, the bad or the other of the person’s energy, you should pick up on it.

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Oh mine’s all too visible, it’s called a fist! Seriously though, I pretty much welcome all comers into my world. I do however, along with everybody, have my own personal space bubble kind of thing going on. Invade that uninvited & well, let’s just say the force will well & truly be with you.

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In a physical sense, I’ve a “force field” to keep away people (anyone and everyone) when my body is hurting. Accidental or intentional touch can be very painful for me, sometimes. I’ll send out a “back off Jack” vibe, and people will magically stay away from me.

When I’m in a mood and don’t feel like talking to people (anyone and everyone), the force field appears as seriously stern expressions in my face and sounds like sharp, short responses in my words.

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My shields are normally down by default I’m on a voyage of exploration, and most of my weapons are still in the box, but I know what you mean.

I feel it in my eyes. Really. When my eyes are wide open I feel like I must appear to be as open as I intend to be. But when I’m wearing reading glasses, for example, and have to look over the top of them to see something farther away or speak to someone, then I lower my brow to do that, and it changes my whole aspect. So I drop my glasses a lot, in order that I not appear that way. You know, too professorial and all because god knows I’m enough like that to begin with.

And I often make a conscious effort to find a reason to smile, when I’m not doing that anyway. Even when I’m responding to someone on Fluther with whom I disagree strongly and god knows how many of them there are, too. People always respond better to smiles. Or it distracts them for the half-second or so that you need to get away, or drop the hammer on them.

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It’s a cultural thing. People from different cultures have a wider or narrower circle of comfort arouund them. That’s something you learn by accumulating frequent flyer miles :-/

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Of course. Don’t try to invade it!!

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See, @CyanoticWasp, that’s the weird thing. “Smiling” on the internet. It must have something to do with my words, or my approach—more serious, or something—but whatever it is, it’s keeping people at a distance. It’s not like I decide to do this. I like people. I like learning things about them, but there seem to be periods of time when they just stay away, or keep it professional.

Other times, and again I can’t explain them, I seem to get into all kinds of trouble. I mean, it’s easy to find someone who wants to get more personal. Sometimes they come looking for me. As if I have a tractor beam instead of a force field.

The only difference I know is that inside, I am either open or not so open. But I swear I do not consciously change anything, and yet everyone seems to know.

I’d be fine with it, except I can’t consciously turn it on or off. It’s as if it has a mind of its own. “Nope, not today. Nothing personal today.” And then,, very occasionally, the force field is shut off and God knows what will happen. I guess there’s another factor. It was off when I was sick. It’s on when I’m not. But I’m still unaware of what I am doing differently.

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In order to learn to better control it, there is a wonderful mind game you can play with yourself. You imagine there is a small switch at your temple. When you flip it down, it is off and your force field keeps folks at bay. When you flip it up, it is on and you are so magnetic, you won’t know what to do with yourself. You don’t have to play with the switch very long to have a much better control of your own force field.

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As much as I hate most people my force field is never up.

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sometimes :/

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I don’t have a force field that involuntarily pops up when meeting new people, rather than that I erect a solid wall around myself. I’m not trying to be all emo or flashy, it’s just that I’m very independent and solitary person. Despite that though, I’m actually very needy, probably due to isolating myself so much, yet I don’t really feel that I need people so much.
I’d like to say it’s because I’m a good person who doesn’t want to hurt others, but truth is, I just mostly use people for my own emotional benefits. I erect the wall to stop this from happening; not cuz I don’t want to hurt anyone, but because I can’t hack the consequences of failure.
I do question this when I genuinely want to get to know someone so sometimes it gets depressing, but eh what are ya gonna do.
This doesn’t mean I have no one in my entourage that I don’t consider friends, far from it. i do love and respect my friends. Unfortunately, for some others, I go all emotional vampire on them if they manage to bust through my wall.

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I tend to be “shieldless” and greet a new acquaintance as a friend. Since I have now shown myself to be good to them, it is their decision weather or not to approach me in a likewise manner.

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I like meeting new people as well.( sometimes.) I seem to go through phases. I call them. When I don’t want to be around people at all.( I can only take so much, I guess.) Then I can’t get enough of people and come out of my shell I guess . So it depends what phase I am in to meeting new people. Does that make any sense?

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