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Do you have experience with asking FedEx to hold onto a package?

Asked by bookish1 (13040 points ) April 5th, 2013

I was expecting an expensive purchase by FedEx today, and since they make you sign for it, I requested online that they hold it at a local FedEx store instead of home delivery, thinking that I would be at work all afternoon.

But now… I am second-guessing that decision. Delivery was originally projected for today, but since I placed that request on Monday, I have seen no updates on the tracking page since Tuesday. Are they more likely to lose my package now? Am I freaking out needlessly?

Thank you in advance.

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I have had packages re-rerouted to a local FedEx store a few times. It’s very convenient. Never had a package lost.

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Thank you @tom_g. That’s good to hear.

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Can’t imagine that it is lost because of that.

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I’ve sometimes had problems being home during the specified delivery window, and my experience is that FedEx will bend over backwards to make sure you get the package. They once delivered a box to me at a coffee shop where I was in a meeting.

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Thank you @janbb & @glacial for the reassurance. Here’s hoping I’ll be wearing my doc martens by this time tomorrow…

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Do they not usually deliver it to a neighbour and leave a notice in your mailbox if you are not at home at the time of delivery?

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@ragingloli: No, I highly doubt that they are permitted to do that in the litigious states. Thank you, though.

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Well, @bookish1… did you get them?

We’ve often had UPS hold packages at their distribution center and picked them up after work. I’ve also been able to contact UPS and FedEx if they tried to make a delivery for work and the office wasn’t open yet (we have a couple late days a week), and they’ve both arranged for the driver to come back the same day so I’d have the package in time for the patient’s appointment.

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I also did this many times here in Bismarck simply by calling them and arranging to pick up my packages later, didn’t experience any problems so far. The only issue was, they actually don’t have a customer service call center or something like this, you have to find the number of the your local ship center by yourself, in my case Google solved it in a minute, the most yellow pages have their contacts (e.g. ). A friend told me the same applies for UPC too.

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