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The last time your cell phone dropped in water, how did that happen?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (20270 points ) December 4th, 2013

The last time your cell phone took a dive in the drink, how did that happen, texting at the urinal, slipped from your pocket into a puddle or lost in the river, fell from your hand into the wash bucket while washing the car, fell off the counter into the dog’s water dish, etc, how did your phone end up waterlogged?

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It was in my pocket and got washed

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I was cycling and the phone was in my bag, it rained very hard and it got soaked. I had to send it away to be repaired.

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Opened my pants near the toilet and it slipped out of my pocket. Fortunately it is designed to operate under water. There was no damage at all. I love it.

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While walking toward the bow, I grabbed the midships sheet, swung around it on the outside over the water, the sheet clipped my pocket and my phone popped out into the deep. We were doing about 6 knots in blue water. Bye bye phone.

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Someone called and I slipped in the tub.

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It was about 6 years ago. I was working as a janitor. I answered it while cleaning a toilet and it slipped out of my hand and landed in the bowl. The phone still turned on but the antenna was fried. It constantly said “searching for signal” and wouldn’t make calls.

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One time, I dropped it in the toilet. The last time, probably 5 years ago, I had my phone attached to my shorts with a phone clip. I think I was skimming the pool or something and my phone must have slipped and fell in. I put it in rice and it started working days later.

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I’ve never got my phone wet but hubby had it on the center console of his car. Had to break suddenly and it went flying into his coffee…..Twice.

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The one and only time I’ve lost a phone to water damage was when my old phone fell in the toilet. I wasn’t even using it, it fell out of my back pocket!

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I am not qualified to answer… in 20 years of having cell phones, I have yet to drop one in water.

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I went swimming in a pool and forgot it was in my pocket. Thankfully, I’ve only done this once.

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Pulled off and opened the door of my car to check on some noise or something and the phone slipped out of my pocket and onto the pavement, in the snow and wet. Didn’t notice it was gone till I got home, so it could easily have died from crushing and not water damage, who knows.

@LuckyGuy Sonim?

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I had a cell phone for several months, but the text function never worked. Then one day I fell into the Susquehanna River with my phone. After I got it all dried out, text messaging suddenly started working. So if your phone isn’t working, send it to me and I’ll go over there and fall into it with your phone and as soon as it’s dried out, it’ll be fixed too!

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My waterbed sprung a leak.

The water shorted out my alarm clock causing me to oversleep.

I’m awakened by the thump of the newspaper hitting my apartment door.

I see by my watch that I’m already late to a meeting.

I reach for my phone to call work and knock my phone into the soaking wet carpet.

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I was closing it and it popped out of my hand, falling into a dish in the sink.

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@Lorna I was cycling and the phone was in my bag, it rained very hard and it got soaked. I had to send it away to be repaired.
Applause for cycling, but for the phone, did you try a sack of rice 1st?

@Espiritus_Corvus We were doing about 6 knots in blue water. Bye bye phone.
Davey Jones needed a phone anyhow. ;-P

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I was at Dollywood and got it soaked on a water ride. My bad. It didn’t get dropped in water, water ended up being dropped on it. It completely died and I had to get a new one. I tried putting it in rice but the screen and sound were completely buggered.

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@wildpotato Casio GzOne Ravine II . GSM for world wide use. MIL spec for immersion, shock, temp, etc:
Immersion MIL-STD 512.5 Procedure I At 1m depth, 30min
Rain MIL-STD 506.5 Procedure I 10cm/h, Wind 40mph
Drop MIL-STD 516.6 Procedure IV Drop 4ft (1.22m) 26times G’zOne 5ft (1.52m)
Dust MIL-STD 510.5 Procedure I in the heavy dust, 6hrs
Vibration MIL-STD 514.6 Category 24 1hr test
Salt Fog MIL-STD 509.5 Salt water Spray 24hrs
Humidity MIL-STD 507.5 Procedure II Humidity 95% 24hrs
Solar Radiation MIL-STD 505.5 Procedure I Solar Radiation 1120W/m2 24hrs
Low Pressure MIL-STD 500.5 Procedure I 15,000ft (4,572m) 1hr
High Temperature MIL-STD 501.5 Procedure I 85°C 96hrs
Low Temperature MIL-STD 502.5 Procedure I -25°C 96hrs

It has its own GzGear functions built in so it does not need to be online to operate. Stealth mode with no GPS will measure steps and direction passively. You can check the features yourself.
It is not pretty or stylish but it sure is functional. I’ve heard it called the “Man phone”.
I suspect there is even a testosterone ejector in one of the buttons.

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@Hypocrisy_Central Yes I did. Did nothing at all. I had never even heard if doing that until the day. I sent it away to be repaired, they said if it had been immersed in water then they might not have been able to repair it.

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When my daughter was 17 she dropped hers in the toilet in the Seville cathedral. All the rescue efforts were in vain…

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@LuckyGuy Hm, definitely a phone to consider. Better price point than Sonim, for sure. Thanks for the details.

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^ Don’t you mean “rescue efforts when down the drain?” He he he

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