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[SFW] What illegal act would you do if the law would allow you?

Asked by ETpro (34145 points ) December 13th, 2013

Our sense of what is morally acceptable constrains us from lots of actions. Legal or not, most of us have no desire to commit armed robbery or murder. But most of us do have at least one or more things we would actually do if it were legal—actions that we avoid simply because we don’t want to run afoul of the law. What is it you’d actually like to do, and definitely would do if it were suddenly legal for you to do it? If it’s something that’s NSFW, then just click to this version of the question.

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Detonate the tsar bomba in DC

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I probably would fall out of the habit of wearing a seat belt.

I would definitely run red lights/stop signs when no one else was impaired.

I would definitely speed like a demon.

I’d try smoking pot again if it was available at the store.

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Blow up Buck Palace AND the houses of parliament/lords…joy, joy, rapture.

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Pay some Dutchman to kill Lord Snowden.

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I would ignore speed limits and punch stupid people in the face. :0)

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Breaking and entering.

I’d love to run amok in a museum or concert hall after hours.

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Place a small, but lethal amount of plastic explosive in all xmas crackers, how’s that for a bad joke then?

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No one is saying it but I bet they are all thinking “I would do a whole lot of dick-punching”.

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@rojo Abso-fucking-lutley!

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Bank robbery.

Bitch-slapping annoying people.

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Insider trading. Anyone?

And speeding of course.

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I would steal the scrubbers from the fire department so the trucks look dusty! Oh, the mayhem!

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ramming cars with children in them off the road.

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Go through a red light when there are no cars coming.

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I would mildly inconvenience shoppers by locking one of the doors in a 2 door entry way!

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Hmmm- ignore speed limits, run red lights(safely, though, I don’t want to be road pizza), shoplift… but hey, @ETpro, if the law would allow, then it’s no longer illegal, right?

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and putting down pedophiles

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Sabotage oil drilling operations, the Keystone Pipeline, whaling ships, logging operations, factory farms. Free and find homes for many lab animals.

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I would download every book and video in a computer the size of a wallet. Plus a transcript of everything said about me in the world.

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I would open a psychologist practice without a licence.

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Vigilante hairdresser.
I’d even out all of those asymmetrical hipster haircuts.

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@Blondesjon open season on pedophiles is a good one! But you can only ahem dismember them if the age difference is more than 7 years and the child is under 14. If you’re legal for everything and you can’t determine a 13 yo, you’re a worthless piece of human drak.

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I would fart in elevators, and tell everyone it was me!

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