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If I bought a round-trip ticket with two names on it, is it OK if one of the passengers doesn't use the return leg?

Asked by saservp (291points) October 13th, 2010

Right, so I booked tickets for my wife and I round trip. I suppose it’s two tickets, but it’s one e-booking. I want to know if it’s OK if we both use the first leg, and only she uses the return leg, is that allowed? I.E. I don’t want to return with her (haha, it’s just for a week).

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You mean you just want to miss your flight and not go back? Of course that’s okay, but why not just call and tell them you can’t make it so there’s room on the flight for someone else?

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Okay with me, is okay with the “Bride”?
You can for a fee change the date of return for you on most tickets.

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See if you can change your flight and see if it’s cheaper than rebooking yourself completely new. Of course you can not use the return leg, but you should call so someone on standby could be put out of a misery. You could save a long haul passenger (like my hubby) loads of time by alerting the airline you don’t intend on using the seat.

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Some airlines will let you keep the return leg for a later date. Call and ask their policy of you might be interested in using a few months from now. And, as the people above stated, nice to let the airline know.

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Thanks for moderating the unhelpful response ;-P And thanks all for their answers, I thought maybe the ticket would be invalid with only one passenger. I’ll call the airline and let them know

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When I was doing airline res with AA, each seat had it’s own reservation. You are probably both just travelling on the same type of fare.. like a Super Saver, that is non-refundable,... or perhaps it’s part of a larger travel package… say with hotel and rental car vouchers as well? But the seats on the plane are two separate reservations, but call and ask first and explain, to save penalties being charged to your credit card, if that’s how you paid. (Airline bookings and travel packages can be a tad funny, so, do call them.)

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@cazzie the way I understood the OP he bought the two tickets online at the same time, probably on the airline website, its not thay it is a package or anything. When you buy tickets like that, when you go to check in either at the airport or on your computer, both tickets automatically come up, and then you can select who is checking in, one or both people. I think he was concerned because the tickets are kind of both attached to the original reservation, there is only one locator/confirmation number.

I’m just explaining because I think you misunderstood, that is if I understood it correctly. Seems like he is going to call the airline as we all suggested. Maybe he will let us kmow what happened.

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I didn’t see that ‘e-booking’ thing… I thought he was trying to say they were ‘on the same ticket’ or something. This is much simpler than he thinks then, and I guess I’m left wondering why he’s asking the question. Super saver fare: no refund. Can’t rebook for that unless the airline is feeling charitable. If he doesn’t use it, he will have to book and pay for a new return flight.

It’s two tickets, one booking, that’s all.

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