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Which sound is the most annoying?

Asked by rebbel (35553points) October 25th, 2010

According to this (Dutch) site the circular saw makes the most annoying/irritating sound.
Which sound do you think should be a more appropriate number one?

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A jackhammer.

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I don’t know if there can be one. I think people vary in their tolerance for different kinds of noises. For me though, the absolute most annoying sound, without question, is the buzzing of a single fly. I just can’t stand it. Particularly if I’m trying to read. One time I was trying to read and there was a particularly loud fly buzzing around my bedroom. I tried to ignore it but couldn’t. I chased that damn thing around the room like a madwoman for about 5 minutes until I was able to finally to kill it and get back to my book. Also in the running is the f**king gas edger that the guy who does my neighbors lawn uses. It just seems to take him forever to edge the lawn and he keeps turning the damn thing on and off for some reason so just when I think it’s finally over he starts it up again. One day, when I was trying to do some work on the computer I actually had get in my car and leave the house because I couldn’t stand it anymore. It’s was either that or kill him.

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Dozens of roosters crowing at 3 in the morning.

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Haven’t you seen Dumb and Dumber?

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The sound of a metal spoon scraping the bottom of a metal pot ‘sets my teeth on edge’.

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I just got out of the dentist’s office, and I can tell you the sound of that ^&%$# drill is pretty high on my list.

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A_ B_____ in the office when he gets on the phone. He brays. Everyone knows every part of his side of every conversation… and no one wants to.

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I gotta give it to @Austinlad with the dental drill. That is the most distressing sound I can think of. Hearing one just makes me want to stand up and run as far away as I can.

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The sound of ATV’s that have to keep circling around your property when you have to sleep during the afternoon because your start time for work is at night.

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Garbage Trucks

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I have to agree with @Paradox about the ATVs and other toys that some insist has to be as loud and obnoxious as possible, regardless of when they’re used. I live near an intersection where little boys of all ages have to blast out from the Stop sign with motorcycles deliberately built to make as much noise as possible, hot rods, junkers with apparently no mufflers at all, etc. And loud rap playing on the ones whose engines don’t make the noise.

I’m starting to like winter a whole lot more than summer.

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Someone whispering over a 3 foot putt!

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Rap music thundering from the car next to you.

People talking loudly on their cell phones in the supermarket.

Leaf blowers and really high pitched vacuum cleaners.

And parents un-able to control their children (also, usually in the supermarket) “Tyler, honey, Mommy is counting! Tyler! One, Tyler, Mommy wants you to stop that. Tyler. Two, Tyler! Honey, Mommy is counting. Three, Tyler!”

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@CyanoticWasp Yeah very very aggrevating. No reason behind this other than to show off. They don’t even ride the stupid things in the mountains behind my house, they just do doughnuts in their yards and keep reving the stupid engines up. I guess this is why I started to cut the grass in my yard with a loud lawnmower when I get home around 5:30am (on my rotating days that I work anyway).

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My alarm clock in the morning. It’s set to sound like crickets chirping. Creepy and irritating, especially when I don’t want to get out of bed.

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Whiny children in any environment. I just want to throttle the parents.

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Being in a situation where I can hear 2 different songs or 2 different televisions and all playing too loud anyway!!

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@faye Seriously! Sometimes one television is bad enough.

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Yeah, I’ve never liked loud.

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It can be pretty annoying if you’ve been invited to someone’s house, say for a Christmas party, and they have the television on, even though no one is watching it and you’re trying to carry on conversations with people in the same room. Same thing about TV’s in restaurants.

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That noise that people make when they stretch. To me, its EXTREMELY sexual. And I never like listening to other people.. moan..

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The rustling of chip bags can send me out of my head. Then the high pitched whiny voices of my children, and don’t hate the parents for that. I would take out their vocal cords too if I could legally.

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A ticking clock. It drives me crazy!! :))

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A pussy pump!

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A straining dental drill.

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Two pieces of styrofoam rubbing together. Eek! Just the thought makes me cringe.

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Sound of ambulance ! Sound of a policecar if he is behind you!

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@Cruiser oh my gosh….ditto!!!!!

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