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What is the national origin of (& the pronunciation of the name of) the oven pancake known as banukaku?

Asked by Iwaswondering (52points) March 30th, 2007
Over 30 years ago, I found a recipe in our local newspaper for a delicious puffed oven pancake, which has become a family favorite. It is baked in the oven, like a Dutch Baby, and can be filled with sliced apples or lingonberries, if desired. We often served it with plain or vanilla yogurt. The name I recall is "banukaku", but I don't recall the national origin, and don't know the correct pronunciation. Does anyone know?
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I was able to find an answer to part of my own question! It appears that there is a Finnish oven pancake known as a "pannukakku". I can guess at the pronunciation, but am not certain. Anyone know?
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Well, if it has lingonberries, I would guess Scandinavian origin.

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