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Designing tattoos- how best to create detailed flash to help the tattoo artist apply the design?

Asked by NeroCorvo (1231points) October 27th, 2010

I have been commissioned to design a series of tattoos. In the past I was asked for permission to use images of my existing art. (oil on linen)

This is the first time I am creating for the sole purpose of the tattoo.

What should I consider that would best help the tattoo artist recreate my work? What is the best medium, etc?

Any information welcome on the topic.

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Do you have to make a stencil for the artist to work from or just provide appropriate size artwork as a model?

First, I don’t know why you mentioned Flash as Flash is usually for animation.
I would use whatever I felt comfortable with from pencils, fine and broad point markers, and paper to various computer software. I really like PhotoShop and don’t like Illustrator so I usually would work in PhotoShop sometimes combined with scanned hand artwork or with [sigh] Illustrator.

For your first whirl I’d say keep it simple, flat colors and clean lines, until you and the artist work out what you like to do together.

I’d like to see some of your original art to get an idea of the quality in it that made a tatooist think it would work in that medium. If you can isolate that quality, it might give you an approach to this. Dou you use strong color blocks or emphasize linework in your art?

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I wouldn’t worry about it. The tattoo artist should know how to adapt images for tattoos. I would just focus one working out what the client wishes. If you’re really concerned the best thing to do would be to meet with the tattoo artist with samples of your work and discuss if tattooing would require any alteration to your process.

@anartist Flash is the name of the pre-designed tattoo art that often graces the walls of tattoo parlors. Sometimes people select their tattoos straight off the wall ensuring that their tattoo isn’t st all unique. Good tattoo artists encourage people to get unique designs and only use flash for inspiration. Technically I wouldn’t consider the asker’s work flash since it’s custom art.

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