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How do I drive traffic to a website?

Asked by youcancallmemoonman (137points) October 28th, 2010

Where can I learn more in depth about S.E.O., P.P.C., Blogging for Organic placement and other way’s to drive traffic to a website?

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Here are 31 Ways to drive traffic.

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Visit the multitude of websites that are full of great ideas and tips. You can find them using your favorite search engine.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important. Here’s what Google has to say about this. It’s a PDF so not sure if the link will cooperate or not.

You also may want to read up on Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising and natural link building. Social media like Twitter, Facebook and the like are strong now as well if you have time for them, as is setting up an active blog and regularly contributing to it with quality writing on your site’s topic. Just be sure to link important keywords from the blog to the page that voevers them on the site whose rank you are trying to build.

Google searches will take you to resources on all those subjects.

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I can’t point you to specific resource, but I’ll give you some tips that I’ve learned about search engine optimization and getting traffic.
1) Have a good, reputable, web site with quality content
2) If your web site has been around for awhile, you’re much more likely to get a higher search engine ranking
3) Make sure your web site validates (on the w3c validor). Search engine crawlers will struggle if your HTML code sucks, and you won’t get a good ranking
4) Word of mouth: you can spend as much money as you want advertising, but nothing works quite as well as people who recommend you web site. Getting other web sites/bloggers to reference/recommend your site works amazingly (that’s why I’m on Fluther—because Lifehacker recommended it).
5) “Well designed” HTML: Your site may be well-designed and may validate, but HTML code may not be structured in a way that’s intuitive to search engine crawlers. For example, menus should be in <ul><li> tags and your titles should be <h1>, <h2>, <h3>, etc.

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Actually SEO, and search engine marketing can be learned through experiences. Basic SEO can be done through offsite optimization, and link building is essential point. However, different site has different unique method to optimized and to be promoted. For driving traffic, social media marketing is a right choice instead.

For example, an online business site which sell their brand or generally called eCommerce site are has its own unique method to drive traffics, beside popular method such as social media managements, advertising, and email promotions, website’s owner usually share coupons and daily deals to increase website exposure and sales. Sharing coupons are great way to increase your site popularity and it’s worth every pennies.

See :
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@Britteny22 Times, they are a’changing. This article and accompanying info-graphic tell how SEO demands have been massively impacted by Google’s recent Panda and Penguin updates to their algorithm.

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