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What was your most angry moment?

Asked by Cruiser (40411points) October 29th, 2010

What really got your goat to where you just wanted to crush, stomp, break, annihilate, pummel, vaporize, rip into a million pieces what ever it was that pissed you off moment?

I had one lately and it made me wonder am I the only one who gets THAT mad?? I am simply glad mine wasn’t video taped or it certainly would have gone viral on you tube. :(

Have you ever one of those insane frothing at the mouth moments? What was it, what did you do and how did things turn out.

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One event(there are many) involved a shoplifter. i observed him take a dogs flea collar out of the package and stuff the collar into his pocket. followed him in the store until he passed the cash registers without paying. i stopped him and showed him my police ID. he then politely hit me in the face and dislocated my jaw. i politely reached for a huge can of Barbasol Shaving Cream and hit him in the face, breaking his nose. the can exploded and shaving cream went everywhere. he was under arrest. i required medical attention and so did he. i saw red and used whatever force was necessary to effect the arrest. he plead guilty to shoplifting and assault on an officer. he served 20 days in jail.

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I get this way when inanimate objects “take the piss” out of me. I once took a particularly stubborn Tv out into the yard & swung it around my head with the cable, smashing the fucker repeatedly off the yard until it learnt it’s lesson. It smashed, which was good for me. I call those rare moments my Incredible Sulk impersonation! Gone threw so many shirts that way :¬(

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I think it was in highschool, or maybe shortly after highschool, a friend of mine brought a girl that we went to school with over to my house. I later found out that she had stolen $100 out of my mother’s purse and used to to buy weed and go shopping with.
When I saw her the next day it took two people holding me back to stop me from fighting her. I like to think I’m a pretty rational person, but I was so angry that all I could think about was hitting her. Unusual behavior for me, but I guess it just goes to show that you shouldn’t mess with my mama. ;)

@john65pennington oh my gosh! I don’t blame you, what a jerk.

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@ucme HS! Have I lived out those moments more than once! Great visual!! Too Funny! XD

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I got furious when I took my 85 year old Dad into the emergency room after he fell and broke 2 ribs. They xrayed him, gave him a painkiller and send him home! Two days later, because the pain was causing him to breathe shallowly, he developed pneumonia, and has been hospitalized 4 days. I understand that insurance companies want to say money, but come on!

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I think it was when my ex-wife informed me that she opened two credit cards in my name, and that they were already maxed out. When we knew we were done and stayed in separate bedrooms, I stopped giving her money.

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Just days after my mother died I was over at my sister’s house with my kids. As dinner was passed around I noticed that my youngest (who was seated at the table) had his head bent like he had his eyes locked on his belly button. I asked him what was wrong and he kept repeating “nothing”. I knew something had happened. Eventually I asked my daughter if she had done anything to him and she told me she hadn’t. As I was trying to find out just what happened my BIL is calling out from the living room that my daughter didn’t have anything to do with it…over and over.

I couldn’t get to the bottom of it.

We left and returned to my mom’s house. The next morning my son, who was 7 at the time, couldn’t hold up his cereal bowl with his left hand. He immediate broke down into tears. I found out that what actually happened was that he was asked to get off the trampoline by his uncle but because there were 6 kids screaming on the trampoline he couldn’t hear him. When he finally did hear him and he made his way over to the opening to lean down to grab his shoes. His uncle, in an effort to try and kick his shoes away from him ended up kicking him in the hand with his steel toed boots.

After a furious call to my sister (her husband had disappeared) I found out he was raving drunk and had taken my daughter on a drunken car ride as well. He had shushed my son up the night before.

To say the least, I grabbed my kids and went home. My son couldn’t use his hand for 10 days…no breaks thank god.

I have not spoken to my BIL since.

I don’t think I have ever been that mad.

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My sister left her husband after 23 years of marriage when he refused to work and started emotionally abusing her. He also refused to give up their house, which was paid for, so she packed up and bought a new house in the city, taking their three children with her.

I went to visit her, and she put me to work painting walls in the basement while she took the kids to the nearby park. Enter the now ex-BIL, who is 21 years older than I am. I was 10 when they married, and he treated me like a daughter and friend, teaching me how to play chess, shoot archery, about tropical fish and nature. He picked up a brush, and we painted away in silence. Out of nowhere, he says, “I’m in love with you and always will be until you find someone.”

I felt ill. I was so angry and disgusted by this that I blew a gasket. He was told that he needed to get over it as it would never, ever be returned. I couldn’t be around him for years after that. It was difficult, as my sister kept encouraging me to go visit him when I was in town because he would appreciate it. She thought that I was avoiding him because of what he did to her.

A friend once asked me if I ever told my sister. The answer was no. It wouldn’t have done any good for her to hear it. I did finally tell Mom, and she said that she wasn’t surprised. That made me even angrier. Confessing how he felt essentially wiped away 20+ years of admiration.

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I’ve been thinking about this for a while and can’t come up with something. I can’t think when I was mad at somebody or something. I have been frustrated or disappointed or sad but not angry. I’m pretty even tempered I guess. Is that good or bad?

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Hmmm….I don’t have much of a temper…XD
maybe when I gave my sister an uppercut to the jaw

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@lucillelucillelucille Maybe?? Is this “maybe” because there are just so many that you cannot choose that one award winning moment? Are we in need of some anger management? ;)

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When I was in the 9th grade, Jame Earl Wright, or was it Wrong, hit me from the blind side on the basketball court (during my p.e. class). He was 6’3” and weighed 235 and was the center on the football team. He hit me so hard, i actually flew in the air and hit in the bleachers. I got up and started toward the equipment room to get a baseball bat, and before doing so, came to my senses….and did nothing. I weighed about 150 then. Appox. 6 years later, I was in the local cream cup getting a sandwich and he walked in….. I was bigger than him then. I walked up to him and kind of pushed him lightly and said, “hello Wright, would you like to hit me now!!!!” He said nothing.

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I’ve had a few over the years, mostly related to my impossible ex-husband whom is now but a gladly distant memory. lol

The most recent moment was last July when struggling through my daily farmy chore routine while very sick with some wicked virus.

Dragging my huge industrial strength hose around and it periodically kinking causing me to continiously backtrack dozens of yards to unkink the bastard. haha

Finally, in a fit of dispair and exhaustion I slammed the hose/nozzle against the 3 inch planks of my corral and managed to bend a $50 ‘lifetime’ warranty nozzle into spraying me in the face as retribution. lol

Good thing it was the middle of the day and I had no neighbors within earshot when I loudly excliamed ‘F—K Me!’ into the wilderness.

The sheep just stood perfectly still staring. hahaha

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@lucillelucillelucille That taser for US to use not you!! :O

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We had just finished an arduous and emotionally scary few weeks in China adopting my daughter (major health issues, we almost had her taken away, massive red tape – long story).

Finally we check in at the Hong Kong airport to catch our flight home and we’re told there’s no ticket on file for the baby. We’re whisked off to some administrators desk who tells us flatly that she cannot get on the plane. He says coldly, “Just leave it behind and we’ll send it along later”.


I snapped, reached out and dragged him over his desk, yelling. Immediately I heard the click-clack of rifles being cocked at my head by the nearby security guards. My wife says, “Um, you might want to put him down.”

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@Cruiser Well….maybe I just thought you needed to know that….I DON’T NEED NO STINKING TASER!—nothing wrong with being helpful and informative,IS THERE?????

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Still thinking. Nope I can’t say I’ve ever broken, thrown, punched, crushed etc. something in anger.
I did shoot my Spanish book and innumerable rotten fruits and vegetables, blow up a couple of VCRs, and an old oscilloscope, shot up a junk car, and ran over a few small items. But, these were all premeditated and planned. Some were even filmed. I guess I am just even tempered.
Doesn’t smashing stuff in anger just end up with more mess than you started with?

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@Coloma Maybe the sheep were standing still cause they were paralyzed with laughter!! —I wonder what a laughing sheep sounds like??

Maybe I AM wrong and a taser is not enough to stop and angry hard charging @lucillelucillelucille ??

@worriedguy The mess is worth it as premeditated destruction of belongings just doesn’t carry with it the satisfaction and release that the rant and smash of a violent rage filled episode does. You will have to take my word on this!! XD

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@Cruiser Hey! You are not wrong! Howzat for somethin’ different?? XD

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I was cut off. Driving my mothers car. Was not driveable afterwords. I was 19ish.

I was so pissed at this drunken b****.
I jumped out of my car and caved in the hood of her’s. I found out later I caused her to piss her pants also.


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The last time I was waiting for V to finish. Writers!

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Yep, paralyzed with silent laughter they were.

Fortunetley I am self aware enough to laugh at my own spectacle, aaah, when ego blows, gotta laugh!

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I’ve rarely lost my temper. Usually, when I get angry I remain pretty calm and civil because I’ve come to find that it scares people more. Granted, I’ve never had anything too serious in my life occur where it would cause me to get that mad, but I remember one time, I couldn’t help but just lose my mind.
I was on a film set in Longbeach, California and the skeleton crew was on duty and everyone there had been up for 24+ hours and we were all stressed to the max trying to finish this shoot at this particular location before our time was up and they had to kick us out. Everyone on this set had to take on many different hats – not only did I do a bit of acting, but I helped out with craft services, slate and the boom mic as well. We unfortunately, weren’t prepared because we skipped over pre-production and went straight into filming (for certain reasons). This non-preparation and the fact that we were an entire 7 days off schedule because we had to recast one of the main characters really held us back and made this difficult shoot even more tedious and stressful.
Anyway, on one of the last shooting days I got into it with one of the other actors (who happened to be one of my very good friends) and all I remember is smacking the shit out of his face. I actually wanted to throw a chair at him and got close to picking up one of the patio chairs before I realized he could toss me over the balcony if he wanted to so I slapped him instead. Fuuuuck, he pissed me off so badly. Afterwards, he told me that I hit him so hard, he thought I hurt my hand. Yeah, I fucking pwned him and he knew it. I was pretty surprised that I actually got physical. That’s not really like me, but I’m not gunna lie…it felt great! :D

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I get furious when mechanical things won’t work as they’re supposed to. The more I try to cope and redo the steps, like getting a dvd player to work, the madder I get. And cars can make me crazy. Do you remember the scene from Fawlty Towers where Basil is hitting his car with a tree branch and yelling at it? Funniest thing I’ve ever seen, probably because it’s so true to me.

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When I went to buy beer on a Sunday after we moved into the new house and I found out that the county we live in is a dry county all Sunday long.

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The last time I really got mad was when I got in argument with my first husband. Our baby was just about two months old, and he quit his job because his boss asked him to clean up the same spill twice. We had a huge fight, and he left in a huff. That’s the last I ever saw him. He left in a white out snow storm and slammed into an overpass.

Nothing is worth getting that mad about.

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@YARNLADY He died? That’s terrible. I’m so sorry you went through that.

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@tranquilsea thank you, it was a long, long time ago

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When I was 13 and first grasped the full magnitude of the holocaust.

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