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What topic are you most passionate about?

Asked by timtrueman (5751points) October 29th, 2010

Name the one you are most passionate about and if you’d like mention others but be sure to pick just one that is the most exciting and interesting to you.

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Social justice.

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Right now,pit fired pottery techniques and blackware

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The death penalty as it applies to child molesters.

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Slavery of any kind.

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The death penalty.

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Human rights.

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Marine Biology. Namely coral reefs and deep sea life.

Im also pretty passionate about hallucinogens and the research of them.

Fish will always be my number one passion though. Nowww….. just to find some hallucinogenic sea life….. :P

<———Fish/Drug nerd

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@uberbatman is it?

For me? My passions change with the wind. Not predictable but annoying when it’s directly in your ear for long enough.

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Animal rights.

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Food politics.

Followed closely by neuroscience. And women’s health.

What about you, Tim?

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Spatulas and Polyesterarianism.

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Military and technological history.

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@Vunessuh – I am so relieved that someone else out there is as passionate about Polyesterarianism as I am! You gave me the strength to admit my passion for it as well and I am grateful and humbled! I want to donate all my time and money and my mother-in-law.How can I do this? ;)

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Gay rights

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@lucillelucillelucille Thank you so much. Your concern and interest in Polyesterarianism means the world to me and all the other Pollys of the world!
All you have to do is wear your badge and you’re good to go. And don’t forget to check out the blog for tips on how to iron out your wrinkles in your polyester outfits. Polly bless!

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@Vunessuh -My commitment to it is real.No bullshit here ;)))))))

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damn @Vunessuh I thought the biggest selling point of Polyesterarianism was getting to throw my iron into the volcano. You must adhere to a different sect.

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@Blueroses Actually, instead of an iron, you get to throw @lucillelucillelucille ‘s mother-in-law into a volcano. XD

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Father’s rights.

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I’ll answer my own question since that’s only fair…

For me it’s drones—aircraft that fly themselves autonomously. Inertial navigation also greatly interests me and I’ve released and develop an open source piece of software (check it out here if you want to stab your eyeballs out) that can accurately estimate the orientation and position of an aircraft using gyros and other MEMS sensors.

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Damn, @timtrueman‘s answer is so much more interesting than mine.

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@Vunessuh & @lucillelucillelucille Is it a best of 3 tries? I’ve attempted mother-in-law hurling and it’s harder than it looks on TV.

And now @timtrueman brought it back to real passion, which is right now, time travel (is or isn’t it possible? what about the meeting yourself paradox?)

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@Blueroses Time travel is possible but only into the future.

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No, no. Future won’t do. I want 10 years back with all of my current knowledge.
TARDIS, now!

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Oncology and hat making. (:

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Pictures and camera knowledge.

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Zombies. The myth, cultural origins, the movies, the humour, the art, the games, everything.


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1.Vindication and rights for polyamorous persons often pejoratively labeled and unfaired punished within society.
2. Skills based programming (especially Dialectical Behavioral treatment skills) in Alternative Educational systems.
3. Abolishment of marriage as the sanctioned property state.

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Animal rights, atheism, and evolution.

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@woodcutter, right on, brother. I bet I’m the only other person here who knows what you mean…

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Heh, there has to be more, going by some of the few threads I’ve seen here. Or they might not want to admit it. I would understand why, though

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Logic! Always geeting to the end of logic.

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Breed Specific Legislation. Deed Not Breed.

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Also books and literature.

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Age descrimination.

They are both of equal importance in the overall scheme of life, but as I get older the latter is becoming more relevant to my existence.

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Zoot suits and those silvery shadows on the highway….IMO nothing else really matters.

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Child abuse of any kind!

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The year 2061.

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