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Dance or mayhem, how would you referee?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26829points) October 31st, 2010

You have a party 65% tweens and young teens and 35% older teens. 50% of the older teen boys want music you can slow dance to (one can wonder why), they get about 30% of the tween boys to align with them. Most of the tween teen girls and a small number of the older teen girls want music to dance like this, and that and most of the younger teen guys want music you can pop and break to. No group wants to give quarter to the point fist almost start flying. What solution would you come up with? No music, no dancing? No booty shaking dancing and a compromise on the slow and the pop locking? Just back out of it and tell them to figure it out but if any punch is thrown, party over?

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Don’t give them a choice. Just put on a mix of music and be done with it.

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Mix it up alot so they don’t get to settle into a rythum of this and that. Throw in some real bad ones to get everyone laughing or yelling at you. Make a game of it, if the crowd starts getting out of hand either grinding or fighting put on the “bunny hop” or Barney’s “I love you”.

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I would be very wary. I just read of a party where one disgruntled participant came back with a gun and 9 people got shot.

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Have a variety of music. The mix that you make have it apply to everyone’s interest. But always, always remember. A good DJ will have music that you dance dance to – swing your hips to, bounce around. Don’t do too much of one type of music (like rap or slow). It gets boring. At the rate yeah, I agree with @wundayatta – Hire a DJ.

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