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What do conspiracy theorists think happened at the Pentagon on 9/11?

Asked by FutureMemory (24743points) November 7th, 2010

Do they think it was a bomb? Missile? A jet airliner flown by someone other than the terrorist group that did the twin towers? Is there anyone on Fluther that believes these alternative theories and is willing to expand on them?

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Anything except what the “official” story says. Some say it was our own government that made the attacks. Some say it was the Israelis. ALL of them are nuttier than fruitcakes!

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I believe it was a bomb.

First of all: How could anyone fly a 60 Ton, 125 foot wide, 44 foot tall plane through this obstacle course that is Washington DC into a free fall to strike the Pentagon like we were shown?

But Putting that aside for now:

They didn’t find any seats or luggage or any parts of the plane..

The official explanation is that the intense heat from the jet fuel vaporized the entire plane. Flight 77 had two Rolls Royce engines made of steel and titanium alloy and weight six tonnes each. It is scientifically impossible that tonnes of steel and titanium were vaporized by jet fuel.

But they found bodies…

We were told that the bodies were able to be identified, either by their fingertips, or by their DNA,

what kind of fire can vaporize aluminum and tempered steel and yet leave human bodies intact?

There was no plane…

Shortly after the “stike” , government agents picked up debris, and carried it off. The entire lawn was covered by dirt and gravel so that any remaining forensic evidence was literally covered up. The videos from security cameras from nearby hotels and offices which would show what really hit the Pentagon, were immediately confiscated by the agents of the FBI. The Department of Justice has to this day, refused to release them. These videos would prove that the Pentagon was really hit by a 767. Most of us would assume, the government would release them… there is no reason to hide the truth.. but they wont release the tapes… almost a decade later what are they hiding?

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Check out @mrlaconic
Who can top that for an answer to OP’s question?
I move to close the thread.

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What videos did we see then? from 10 different angles, both planes? National geographic had a picture of the first plane going in, big liars?

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A conspiracy, what else? (yawn)

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Here is an interesting place to look at this topic if you’re into conspiracy theories (hardcore).

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