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Men: Would you be happy if your new girlfriend baked you something for Christmas?

Asked by silvermoon (753points) November 7th, 2010

Men: Would you be happy if your new girlfriend baked you something for Christmas? Keep in mind that she has shopped for the best ingrediants, taken her time with the recipe, watched it like a hawk while it was baking and then carefully put it in a cute package for you? Or would you just be completly disgusted by this?

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Man or woman, why would anyone be disgusted by someone baking them something. Unless they are on a diet and the other person can’t seem to get it through their heads that they are trying to loose weight. Then its sabotage.

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No. If I have a new girlfriend at Christmas something horrible has happened here at home.

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oh god that would be so cool. bring it

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Tough question… really really tough question.

Honestly, it sounds a bit self indulgent on your part. No offense, I’m sure you’re very talented and enthusiastic about what you do. That’s admirable.

But put yourself in my shoes for a second. I’m a photographer, so let’s say I got you a fine art photo. Would you be impressed if I immediately claimed that it was photographed on a Sony a900 with a vintage circa 1979 Leica lens and printed on 100% cotton rag paper from a mill in Switzerland, framed in NeuView art glass and mounted to Birds Eye Maple framework?

Tell you what, I’ll just give you the photo, and you just give up the pie. We’ll be much knowing that we care enough to give to one another.

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i lurve me some baked goods

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I wouldn’t be disgusted, but it would be awkward if my significant other baked me something that I did not like (I’m not fond of cinnamon, hate coconut, not the biggest fan of pies, and think fruit cake is an abomination.) If they took the time to find out what baked goods I loved first, found a perfect recipe, and put time into personalizing the gift then I would be over the moon. Especially if we can sit down and eat them together :)

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I forgot to add… This is ofcourse to the fact that your family doesn’t do Christmas and her’s does and that she is trying not to overdo it so you don’t feel too awkward.

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Just be grateful she is trying to impress by going through all that fuss. Hardly anyone cooks anymore. Oh sure we all can “cook” but it takes some cajones to get creative.
Right after my wife and I were married she tried to make some baked beans and soaked them and went through all kinds of efforts and those beans came out like crap…GAK! But I ate them anyway and made an effort to appreciate the effort. In the end she knew they were crap and told me I didn’t have to keep eating them. If we could just keep an open mind.

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What if I don’t want to be fussed over? What if I don’t want to be impressed?

Sorry, but I’ve had relationships like that, and the lady always tries to earn brownie points by fussing and impressing.

Personally, I’d rather be invited to do some baking with you, for the holidays, for other people, and actually share in the experiences with you. I’ll see your passion and talent by doing it with you. Teach me and share your heart and soul. That would impress me most, without you even trying, or sitting back waiting for the proper accolades.

Then, if I got a special treat for the holidays from you, I’d have every knowledge of how much you fuss (and care deeply for) your talent, without a word being said. And my appreciation for you would be much greater than if I hadn’t been invited to share in your inner world previously.

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Sounds yummy to me!

(Though I have received food effort that I didn’t want, especially when I didn’t particularly want anything special, she embarks on huge food project, gets stressed about it and messes it up, then throws tantrum.)

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I’d like it, but chances are she would feel underwhelmed by my reaction. I probably wouldn’t realize its the “best” ingredients or that she spent so much time over it, etc… since I can’t tell the difference between a medium pie and an awesome pie.

@RealEyesRealizeRealLies‘s analogy with the photographer is pretty apt.

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I’d say it is the thought that counts. I mean really, how much harm or ulterior motive could it imply. Some people are just too anal.

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I had seen your other question about whether or not you should get your boyfriend a Christmas gift, and I had no suggestions at the time. However, I think homemade baked goods are a great idea.

Just make sure you know what kind of treats he likes, and, as others have mentioned, don’t be too expectant when it comes to his reaction.

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I would be thrilled. Especially if they were pot brownies.

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Yes, food is almost always good.

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I would be delighted.

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a confetti cake with strawberry icing were done

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I’d love it, even if it was bad because they tried

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