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How did you decide upon your fluthername?

Asked by cubozoa (1198points) November 18th, 2010

I was having a quick fluther the other day, and came across a question from one of our number, who goes by the glorious name “projectilevomit”. There’s got to be a story behind a name like that! This got me thinking…...
So, how did you come up with your fluther identity?

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First thing that popped into my head when I opened my account. Totally random bullshit basically.

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Randomly actually. I had never used this screen name before, but it just sounded good so I put it. I wanted something ironic.

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It’s a pun on my name.

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It was the name I was using on Askville before it went down the tubes.

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It’s my name and the year I was born. Boring really!

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It was the name I used for Second Life where a user chooses from a limited list of last names and you can choose your first name. It’s a play off of Pied Piper.

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It is derived from my real name.

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@ucme I always thought yours stood for “You see’a me!”

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@erichw1504 Aha, maybe it’s ironic. I mean, you can’t see me. Clutching at straws here, as I say completely random

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It’s a funky way to write my name Vanessa. :)

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It’s a long story that involves a certain drunken conversation and a clumsy waitress.

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I was having a quick fluther the other day… Is that code for sex?
I can’t remember how or why I chose my name.

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It’s a nickname.

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An angel came down from the sky and told me I could no longer be daloon. I must now be wundayatta. I don’t know why, but who am I to disobey an angel?

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It’s a name I’ve been using online since I was 12, so for about 17 years. now.

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It was a meticulously developed process that ended up being harmoniously gratifying.

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It’s my first name followed by the letter “X”, which we all know makes things cooler when attached to other words. I kind of got the idea from the TV show “Sonic X”.

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It was so that everyday I log on to fluther I would remember my cats.

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Mine’s boring and I wish I had a different one now, but I don’t think the mods would let me go to a completely different name.

erichw1504 > Wahl_E

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It’s where I wannabe

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I had this name on as well – when JeanPaulSartre and I became interested in one another on that site, we decided it’d be great and cheesy to make ourselves JeanPaulSartre and Simone_De_Beauvoir…the name stuck, I have now changed my name to Simone.

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Many of my ancestors were fishermen from a small village on the Norfolk coast, and because there were many big families and not so many surnames, many of them would take nicknames, to differentiate one John or Henry West from all the other John and Henry Wests in the village. One of my ancestors had “Downtide” as his nickname. I thought it was rather cool, so I stole it. Ironic really, that I live 50 miles from the sea…

Here he is

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@downtide ; Ah, yes, I can see the resemblance!

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@iamthemob Can’t argue with Cerys

@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities You should have awards for that username.

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I solicit donations of yarn from everyone I know for my charity projects, so when someone mentioned me by my given name, another person said “Oh, you mean the Yarnlady”. So I’ve been Yarnlady ever since.

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I wanted a word that rhymed with “bear” so I picked “rare”

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I’ve used it for darn near everything. I don’t want to risk messing with the natural alignment.

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It’s a lot different than my real name.
I like anonymity.

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The term “paradox” has several meanings but I prefer the definition of paradox which says: a statement or proposition that seems self-contradictory or absurd but in reality expresses a possible truth. I have a large interest in paranormal phenomenon and some (not all) conspiracy theories so I couldn’t think of a better username to describe myself.

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It’s a nickname :)

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I’m Jon’s (my husband) blond (my hair color). jonsblondsabitch was already taken, unfortunately~

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@jonsblond And that name did not describe you.

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My parents named me Brian in 1946 (and in an amazing coincidence, that’s also the year I was born).

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@ucme I thought It came from Austin Powers names for the two Asian girls… seeing Austin Powers was your Avatar for the time

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Mine just describes me and where I live Tall – Jasper – Man

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Mine is a line from Tennessee Williams’ The Glass Menagerie. I did the scene in drama class when I was 15 and the words always stayed with me.

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It’s been my “handle” way way before I came to Fluther! At the time I was new to having to “join” websites to participate and lurked for many months before signing up to the first site I joined and “Cruiser” fit how I felt at the time just cruisin’ around checking things out plus I loved cruising in my old Matador Red 1968 Camaro!

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I was Tink1113 before. I had always liked Tinkerbell and I was thirteen when I joined fluther, I think. Now I am just Tink. A few other jellies call me Tink as if it’s my real name. I like it.

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@talljasperman Nah that would’ve been fooku, has a better ring to it. Suprised you remember Austin….it’s been a while :¬)

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@ucme she had a twin sister called fukme…. I’ve liked your humor ever since I joined fluther… I think we both started around the same time

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@talljasperman Well then, you are to be congratulated on your impeccable taste. Thanks for that :¬)

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Seelix is the name of a minor character on Battlestar Galactica. I used it for one of my characters in World of Warcraft about a year ago, and I just love the sound of it: kind of robotty, but pretty at the same time.

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It’s my name…in all caps…with a zero instead of an O. Yup.

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in 1946 my grandma named my dad dennis and then in 1989 my parents followed suit, except they girl-ified it.

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I joined using my real first name since I was on the radio at the time, and I liked to cross-promote. was a great community so I participated in it wholeheartedly, rather than just promoting the radio show. then tried to “go social” and added chat rooms and divided their questions up into categories, and then they added more and more categories, and the site slowed down, and it became impersonal, and I gave up on it and so did hundreds or thousands of others, and it went out of business, and then I typed in Google to see whatsindoin and the first related site to be mentioned was Fluther; so I joined that but my name from was already used here, so I added a mo to the end.

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I have this policy on dogs. I only really like them on an individual basis. People and men, I feel the same way about. My username is really quite fitting.

Basically, I hate people in general; the general public, you know, “people”. Cause I find them to be ridiculous, irritating, selfish, stupid, lacking common sense, never thinking for themselves, lazy, and quite a few other negative descriptors. This is probably borne from my being in customer service and working with the general public for the past 16 years. Anyway, I wish I had the right to walk around with a Nerf bat so that I could whack people with it when they irritate me. Like slow walkers that zig-zag in front of me so I can’t pass them. WHAP!

In addition to that, I could totally live my life without ever seeing another man again. I’m not really exactly a ‘man hater’, but I’m not really the biggest fan, either. I have a fantasy about living in a neo-Amazon colony where men are not allowed. That would be my heaven.

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@MissAnthrope AH! LIKE WHEN THERES A NARROW SIDEWALK AND SOMEONE IS MOSEYING, USUALLY ON A CELL PHONE, you cant pass them, and you want to put your foot up their ass?

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@deni – Yep. Exactly like that. A Nerf bat would handle the situation nicely, in my estimation.

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@MissAnthrope I’m thinking of buying you a Nerf bat. It sounds like you will make good use of it.

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Steering clear of @MissAnthrope and @deni next time I’m just strolling or moseying along.

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Hee hee.

@cubozoa – Oh, yes, please!

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Mine is from the movie Excalibur. Towards the end, just before the final battle against his nephew-son Mordred, king Arthur pays a visit to his estranged wife Guenevere for some friendly chit-chat (they hadn’t seen each other in some twenty odd years, so they had a bit of catching up to do). During their wrinkler’s reunion he said to her “I was not meant to live a man’s life, but to be the stuff of Future Memory”.

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@daytonamisticrip It was so that everyday I log on to fluther I would remember my cats.

That’s sweet. I wondered once if you were a (daytonamisti)crip

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@FutureMemory Your the third person to think that! Maybe its because how I spell it.

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dayton am I ‘s t’i crip
Thought you were an Ohio gangsta

glad it was all about kittehs

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Milo here; Mine is pretty straightforward.

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Late to this Q but like it…

I wanted something that related to what I spend most of my time doing (dance) because I was clutching to that as the one thing I knew came truly from me.
But I didn’t want to just be ‘dance’. Because that I dance is how people who barely know me “know” me. And I’m more than just that.
So my name has ‘dancing’ in it but it’s not really about dancing at all…

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@Blueroses I thought she was from Daytona and her name was Misti. Funny how such a wrong conclusion can be drawn despite it making the most sense from an outside perspective.

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One day at a time.

Wundayatta time.

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porch sitting and beer.

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Love eggs….they are nutritious, tasty so why not intelligent?

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Eggie, you make my tummy hurt!!! But I just cain’t quit you….

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Maybe! We can still be friends, though!

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