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Have you come across one of those cans of food without the lining (inside)yet?...

Asked by flo (10479points) November 23rd, 2010

The lining that contains Bisphenol A (BPA) is said to be a health concern. So, have you come across it yet?
And where are they being manufactured?

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When my oldest was bottle fed, the huge freak out over BPA happened, and his bottles were made with it. Totally freaked me out. We make a concerted effort to buy bpa free products.

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@casheroo yeah, it is scary. Have you come across the unlined canned food for adults yet? I guess not?

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I threw out a whole case of mandarin oranges from China because the cans were not lined.

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This question is near and dear to me as my company uses a half million pounds of BPA a year. My products are not used as can liners so this issue has no bearing on my business but the issue is real and chemical exposure concerns is part of my responsibility here at my company.

It is easy to find a pro and a con in this debate and much is being done to minimizes any health concerns due to the torches and pitch forks brought to bear against this chemical. The fact remains that BPA has been used for years and is tested 4 ways to Sunday and IMO is safe when used correctly. Here is a statement that IMO puts this in a correct perspective

“We are concerned about any study designed to draw inferences to chronic disorders based on incidental exposure to BPA or any other compound.,” NAMPA said in the statement. “BPA is quickly and efficiently eliminated from the body through urine. To suggest that BPA concentrations measured at a single point in time during the process of elimination from the body correlate in any way directly with serious chronic disorders is entirely unsupported and an unsubstantiated scientific leap.”

Our bodies are an amazing creation that takes in and uses what it needs and is incredibly efficient at eliminating what it doesn’t need including chemicals. The average human intentionally consumes “chemicals” that are far worse and impactful to our bodies health and well being than what a lifetime of intimate contact with BPA could ever do. If you had to run from the every big bad wolf chemical known to man, the first thing you would need to do is stop drinking your water out of your faucet.

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@Cruiser I do not drink the water out of my faucet without passing it through a filter first.

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Thanks @Cruiser. Just re. “Our bodies are an amazing creation that takes in and uses what it needs and is incredibly efficient at eliminating what it doesn’t need including chemicals” I think you can oversode on Vitamins (is it A,D,E,and K,?), iron and zinc for example.

@YARNLADY did you throw out the cans becuase you read or heard something about unlined cans? I am trying to find something about it.

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@flo I threw them out because when opened, they smelled very metallic and the mandarin oranges tasted terrible.

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@YARNLADY okay. Do you see food items that reveal where they were manufactured anymore? They only say “product of” etc.

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