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Is there a way of deleting more than one "Comments for You" at a time?

Asked by gailcalled (54570points) April 6th, 2008

I suddenly realized that I am carrying a lot of old baggage there and have to dele one by one….slow. Any tricks?

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I have this problem as well, and it is especially difficult on the iphone since Edge is so slow. Hopefully Bandrerik the fluther God will offer this feature soon.
I almost always want to either remove my “questions for me” or send them to my followed activity, so perhaps if the questions in the “for me” section had little check-boxes next to them, and then at the bottom there could be “follow these” and “remove these” buttons to get it all over with in a few clicks. I also really want a “next question for you” feature like the next activity one at the bottom of every question. It takes so long to go back into my questions area every time.
Maybe I should repost this in the forum…

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