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Does anyone have relitives that have lived in the US for over a year but still dont speak english ?

Asked by kapuerajam (920points) April 6th, 2008 from iPhone

my grandmother has lived in America since ‘63(she moved from Cuba ) and still dosn’t speak english

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NO, le tuve que desir a mi familia que si van a vivir en america, tienen que aprender ingles.

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@ hairypalm, eres bilingue?

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si. Is was born in Argentina.

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Tu avatar no esta apareciendo, porque?

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My husband’s grandmother was born here in Louisiana and speaks very little English. She speaks French.

My Dad only spoke French until he went to school. They ere beaten for speaking French at school. He and his brothers and sisters taught their parents English. Ironically, the state of Louisiana has French immersion classes in public school, because hardly anyone younger than fifty can speak any French.

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Some of my relatives speak/spoke only limited english. I think a lot has to do with where the person lives. For an example, if their community serves all of their needs in their native language, the incentive is lowered. Also, if their interactions outside their community are limited, the need to be fluent in english is diminished. Personally, I can’t imagine living that long in a country and not being fluent in their national language.

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