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Can you remember your very first kiss with each of the women or men you kissed in a sexual way?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36612points) December 9th, 2010

I was looking at the other question on this and had the thought I’d see if I could remember each of my first kisses over the years. The first time I kissed a girl is easy. All of the first kisses is a little tougher. How about you?

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Hard to say. If I realise that I’ve forgotten someone, then I haven’t really forgotten. So technically, I don’t know.

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@TheOnlyNeffie I know what you mean. I’m thinking back and I keep thinking, oh yeah, there was that time. The alcohol makes it a little tougher. :)

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Does it count if the kisses weren’t necessarily on the lips?

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Holy crap. I struggled to remember all their names.

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I do remember one first kiss that was burned into my soul and remember it like is was 5 seconds ago. That one was special!!

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I think that when I was in college my freshman year, I had a girlfriend for a few weeks—maybe even a few months—who lived in a dorm between the dining hall and where I lived. She had dark hair, cut closely around her head, a broad face with pleasant features anda wide mouth sporting full lips.

I’m not sure how we met—probably in a class, or maybe at dinner, if she was a friend of a friend. The first time we kissed, we started sliding our tongues in and out of each other’s mouth’s. It was amazing to me because I’d never done it before, but I’d seen it in movies and read about it in stories and I just let go, falling into the sensuousness of tongues and teeth and saliva. It was far better than I ever could have imagined, and I probably fell in love with her right then and there.

She might have been the first woman I ever thought I loved. I’m sure that I couldn’t get enough of her after that, and so I started stalking her, I guess. What did I know? I was obsessed for the first time. Soon she must have gotten tired of my constant need to be near her, and she started keeping her door closed.

My best friend and I would often go and drink a lot of beer, and then, on the way back to our dorms, pass by my beloved’s dorm, and I would insist on going through and knocking on her door, and my best friend would the warning me against this, but I couldn’t hold back. I needed those lips, and that tongue and those amazing feelings and, of course, more.

I would get more, eventually, but not from her and not for several years. But she just cut me off then. She said she had school work to do, which I didn’t understand because I had school work, too, and I had plenty of time for love. Or what I thought was love.

I guess she did need the time for school work because she transferred somewhere else after the first semester because, I suppose, she couldn’t handle the work. We kept in touch and saw each other occasionally when she came to visit friends. We actually became rather close friends again, and she might have taken my virginity. In fact, we had actually planned it.

“You know,” I said on a phone call, “If I were anyone else, we would have slept together by now.”

“I know,” she said. “Do you want to?”

But our meeting got all fucked up and I got mad and then I totally screwed it up, and not in a good way. Story of my life.

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So many men, so much memory impairment. <sigh>

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@KatawaGrey It depends. Where were the kisses?

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[Edited by me because I totally misread this question and I feel like an idiot.]

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Each & every one of em lit up like a pinball machine XD I have supple lips see :¬)

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@MissAnthrope Don’t sweat it. I liked your answer. :)

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yeah, I just checked, turns out I do…

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@Adirondackwannabe – Awww, thanks. :)

My actual answer to the actual question would be no. Do you know how many people I’ve kissed? Neither do I. Seriously, though, I have lost track of every random kiss I’ve had.

I do remember the best and most important ones. :D

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@Adirondackwannabe: I can’t tell you cuz my mom just got here. :P

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I just thought about it. Yep. Every one. Each has a clear name and face I remember. Of course, I went with each partner for a while. There are no one night stands in my little black book.

@boxer3 – Me too!

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I only remember the important ones. Most of those kisses were not even the first kisses, just the most memorable experiences. ^.^

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Not so much the men, but I remember all the first kisses shared with the women in my past and present. In explicit detail I can recall the feel of our lips pressing together, the racing of our hearts, the fragrance of their bodies (skin, hair, sweet breath), the warmth of skin pressed against skin, the charge of electrified chemistry, the exchange of each other’s breath… and as @JilltheTooth said: So many *wo*men… <sigh>

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Okay, I’ll break down you all. Yes, I remember all of them and can you tell you their names, what we did and where I did or did not kiss them.

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I remember my first french kiss. I remember my first kisses each of my ex SO’s and my current love. I don’t remember each first kiss with every person I ever made out with though and it doesn’t bother me because I feel I remember the best of the best.

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The first “sexual” kiss with a man was with a gay man and the first “sexual” kiss I had with a woman was with a straight woman…im a rare kind of creature :)

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Oh you mean EVERY person I kissed ever….oh geez no, I went thru a total slut period, I can’t even remember the names of half the people I banged in my wilder days

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No freakin’ way. I’ve kissed a lot of people!

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@worriedguy , haha- that’s funny. I literally sat there and thought it through :]

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@boxer3 I did the same thing. I’m glad we can. It shows every one was memorable and we still have the memories. Nice. ;-)

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