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What happens when you taser a zombie?

Asked by filmfann (48220points) December 9th, 2010

I love Zombie-lore, but am not up on the entire rethinking of the genre. Tasers are not a pain delivering device as much as it interrupts the circuitry of the nervous system. How does that effect the walking dead?

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I’ll let you know if bf puts a taser in my holiday gift stocking, we’ve got a few zombies at work I could test it out on, would like to test it out on.

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not very effective, it’d probably be the equivalent to a bee sting for you or me, especially once they’re dead bodies have hit rigor mortis. In other words, dumb idea. You need something with high amperage to cook it, not high voltage.

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They’d get hiccups.

Trust me on this : you don’t want to see a zombie with hiccups, especially if he starts staggering.

But it leads me to additional zombie questions…
If a zombie in the middle of a pack of zombies yawns, do they all yawn?
Do zombies fart? What’s that going to be like?
What do zombie babies eat if they don’t have teeth yet?
How late in the day would a zombie teenager sleep, anyway?
How badly would a drunken zombie stagger?

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I don’t think it would phase them at all. Obviously pain doesn’t seem to bother them.

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they cook internally

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The force of the taser might make them reel, spasm or even fall, but the intended effect of the device will not work. Although you may have a better chance if you taser them on the head, since depending on how rotten they are, you could damage the brains, which is what keeps a zombie active.

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I depends on how newly created they are. The older they are, the less susceptible to outside stimulus.

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It would have the same effect on a zombie as it would have on an human.
Remember, children, it walks, therefore there are signals coming from its brain, and those are disrupted by the taser, regardless how rudimentary it is.
Don’t tase me br..aaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiins

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A rip roaring bone shaker of an orgasm shudders across their wretched flesh…...How was it for you dear? Oh electric darling :¬)

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It’ll bring them back to life so you can kill them by any means necessary. lol I don’t know… but I f-ing LOVE zombies!

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They taste better;)

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You will feel one hell of a static shock as they bite into your skull!

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If you only tase them once, it does nothing. But if you tase them repeatedly, it will cause their ickly eyeballs to twitch and their reanimated bodies will begin to spasm randomly. I should add that you should tase them no more than twenty times, because for some unexplainable reason, they begin to develop immunities to the pulse and evin begin to enjoy it. In fact, they will likely become a nuisance to you, stalking you and begging you to “Taaaaaaaase. Taaaaaaaaaaase!”

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Nothing their brains are dead the pain messages wouldn’t reach the brain, sadly a tazer will do you no good on the undead, but don’t throw it away, if one of your living party members goes into an uncontrollable rage that could threaten the survival of your crew you may need to subdue them humanely without doing any real harm….now if you threw a bottle of 100+ proof booze al the zombie, tazed him and flung him at a large group of other zombies you would have what is called a zombietov cocktail, which would be moderatly effective had you run out of ammo in a liqour store….

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@ragingloli but the only part of a zombie brain that needs to funtion is the brain stem, from studying zombie history one can gather that shooting stabbing or de-limbing a zombie results in no pain reaction

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@CyanoticWasp that being said if a zombie eats a drunk peson does the zombie then become drunk….if so how do we tell? Would we have to put on a jukebox with country music to see if he seemed to enjoy it….could we use this to our advantage? Perhaps by sacraficing the town drunk then turning on a big screen TV with a nascar race on to preoccupy the drunk zombies while we got out of town?

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Sorry about going crazy on the zombie post….im from pittsburgh, we are really serious about our zombie coture here…

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@deliasdancemom that’s okay, I’ve seen your professional baseball team play, so I kind of know what you mean about taking the zombie stuff seriously there.

Every time I see the topic refreshed I have more questions:
Do zombies sleep? What makes some of them go into the sort of ‘quiet’ phase that they do?
Do animals become zombies? (I’m wondering about that horse that was done for in Atlanta—don’t give it away if you know, I haven’t been keeping up with Walking Dead lately, and I need to catch up soon.)
What do zombies do when they’re not out staggering around the neighborhood or munching on brains? (I really want to know this; do some of them have jobs, for example? It would explain a lot to me.)

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I don’t think they sleep they just kinda go into a dormant catatonia until the smell of fresh brains awakens them, the general movie consensus is that zombie viruses are non zoonotic (do not infect animals) though I have seen some films break these rules and I must shake my head in dismay at them not following the zombie code of ethics…zombies are perpetually about staggering, occasionally the hit a bulding or other object, and depending on the annoyance level of the zombie they will either walk face first into the door a few tims and turn around and walk the other direction or angrily bang at the door which usually irritates other zombies who join him in banging

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@deliasdancemom All great posts, if everyone from Pittsburgh knows as much about zombies as you do, I totally have to go there.
I would have attempted to answer this, but as far as classic movie zombies go about sleeping, not much else to add.

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Hey thanks :) we take great pride in our zombie knowledge here, I live about 15 mins from the dawn of the dead mall, we have a zombie museum in the mall as well

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@deliasdancemom Wow! No shit? A zombie museum in the mall? Like Symbeline, I totally have to go there.

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I just learned recently that this movie was filmed in a real mall…thanks to my hero, AVGN. And now I learn that there’s a zombie museum in that very mall? Christ lol I’m totally in the wrong place.

deliasdancemom's avatar enjoy! Also a pretty cool store its in, TONS of zombie paraphenalia….little known fact, kevin smith filmed zack and miri make a porno at the same mall…big george romero fan kevin smith is!

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The mall itself has undergone some remodeling but luckily enough they have kept the basic layout enough that you would recognize it right away inside and out, the ice rink was removed when I was a kid unfortunatly. One of the major changes was the railings around the top level, they were a bit….unsafe….and children had a tendancy to get their heads stuck between them…as far as personal experience goes on the matter I will be pleading the fifth….

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Haha awesome, thanks for the link.
Apparently, a few stores we saw in the movie are actually still there today, is that true? Also now I have to watch Zack and Miri just because of the mall lol.

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Jcpenney is still there, im pretty sure that’s the last one left if memory serves me correctly…been a couple years since I’ve watched dawn…a lot of the back rooms and stairwells in penneys are still exactly the same eerily, creeps the shit outta you after closing when doing stock lol….I used to work there and would get the heebie jeebies

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