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Anyone ever go without a cell phone or blackberry for an extended amount of time?

Asked by luminous00 (350points) April 8th, 2008

I’ve always been pondering doing this for a while now, I have both a personal iphone and a work blackberry, talk about back and forth….I sometimes forget the commute from the parking lot at 23rd & arch to my building at 20th & market, that’s almost 5 blocks!

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the longest I’ve gone without a cell phone is 2 days, and I hated it. But I will be making an overseas trip late in the summer, and will be unable to take my phone, for varying reasons. I’ll be without for 14 days, I’m sure at first I’ll be going crazy but then it will have a liberating effect.

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I went without one for about two days before I bought my iphone. I felt lost, like a part of me was missing. I about went crazy. It sucks super bad and I hope I never have to do it again.

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16 years :D never had the need to buy one, there’s almost always a phone nearby or friend with a cell anyways.

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my blackberry service was suspended till I could pay the bill,so about 1.5 years. Of was the greatest feeling not getting text or phone calls all the time,instead I set up a place and time to meet with friends,I was worry free and relaxed

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I didn’t get one until 2006.

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Um. It’s been about three weeks since my cell phone was on. Does that count?

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70 years, except for the 6 times I have had to make an emergency call from my car. I am a happy and productive person, in spite of the electronic deprivation.

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gailcalled,how old r u If u don’t mind

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It kinda sucks when you don’t have your phone after you’re accustomed to having it, you reach for it and it’s not there :[

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afghan; I am 71.3 yrs and have had a cell phone for 1 year. Few towers here and no signals from my home unless I stand on the roof of my car. That kinda sucks too but having my friends nearby is like awesome, lol.

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why not get like AT&T? Or a satellite phone?haha,God bless u

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The only co. that anyone here has a prayer of using in a few hot spots is Verizon. And there are so many power outages, mainly due to ice and snow that bring limbs down, that we all have a land line. So when I have no heat, use water from a bathtub to flush the toilet once/day, light candles, read by flashlight and drink soup (from a can) heated on gas stove, at least I can gab.

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gail,do u live in Alaska??

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@gailcalled: the next time you stand on the roof of your car to make a phone call, use your cell phone camera to take a picture to share!

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@cwilbur; do you really believe that, having used that cell phone less than a dozen times, I know how to take a picture?

@afghanmoose; no, it just feels as tho I do at times. I’m in the snow belt, SE of Albany,NY, in farm and hilly country. Lots of open land and woods and trees. Check out the Berkshires in MA (15 minutes to east) and Columbia County in NYS. It is gorgeous if you like rural areas, in spite of the work. Occasionally moose crash into cars here.

I have 20 acres, a little, purling creek, woods, old fields, lots of wildlife and saw a black bear last year.

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awsome!I have a friend that goes to Ithaca,I’d like to visit where u r someday and enjoy nature as its supposed to be.

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@gailcalled: no, but I have faith in your agile brain and nimble fingers to figure it out!

(Okay, okay, if it were me, I’d expect to press the wrong button by mistake and send a bad picture of me to everyone in my address book. This is why I don’t have a cameraphone.)

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@afghan; where do you live? Ithaca is a fur piece from here (check map of NYS) but absolutely, spectacularly beautiful. Make sure you see all the gorges around the Cornell campus as well as Ithaca college. My area, much further east, is more gentle.

And the trouble with nature as it is supposed to be is that you get the good and the bad. Mosquitoes, black flies, stinging insects, borer bees boring into my cedar siding and flickers making even larger holes when they hear the rustling of the bee larvae and tear the siding apart for their snack. Skunks, deer that smack into your car (and ravage your gardens) foxes that really do get into the chicken house, snapping turtles in the middle of the road…but better than the air, water, traffic etc. of NYC, as far as I am concerned. (and the ticks)

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well I live on new jersey,we get a fair shat of the city and Forrest,dobu see all of the stars at night?also there r ways to counter the bees,skunks,wild life and stuff. I’ll come visit your area one day,I’ll bring a rifle,tick and mosquito repelent,a scare crow that makes noise every 15 minutes for your garden,off roaring tires of a turtle is blocking the road,sprays for bees and wasps.u live alone?and I’m guessing besides a cell phone u own an old fashion computer as well?

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@afghan, south, north or central jersey? i’m in south

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@amanda,boring central jersey,I just gym it in the morning to stay healthy,work at my restaurant,go to kean university for school & thats it,I’m actually watching scrubs now and watched the office,hilarious,but yea how about u?

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i’m pretty jealous that you’re watching scrubs, haha. I’m in Southern NJ, right around Burlington and just an hour away from Trenton & like 30 from Camden, not too bad

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@afhan; I think that your answer was charming, but I couldn’t quite understand it all.

I see a lot more stars due to dark skies and very little ambient light ( a glow to the
NW from Albany) but not ALL of them.

I have a desk top iMac, if that is what you are asking.

And I have decided to share the land w. all the beasties and crawling things. The deer irritate me, but I have chosen to plant what they love, so that is my fault.

Using a rifle out-of-season will get you arrested. You need various hunting licences and
altho, I would be happy to visit you in jail, I’d rather not. I do live alone but have best friends up the road and my sister 4 miles away ( I just open the window and shout when the phones are down.)

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haha thats awsomegail,sorry u couldn’t understand what I was saying,I was daydreaming and typing at once,I would like to come visit someday and experience what u do and have.
@amanda:so I guess u call subs heroes or howgies in south jersey,here in central jersey everyones a prick,I guess cuz its upper and middle class ya know,but I get bored here some time,facebook me if u have one,just look up mustafa sidiqee and you’ll find me

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i have never had a cellphone but i always wanted one but my mom won’t let mehave one until i go to college and i’m 13.

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I went without a cellphone until I left govt. work—couldn’t take them in the building you see, so I had a Pay as You Go phone I just kept in the car for emergencies and on holiday, but other than that just never learned to use one religiously like mosty people do today.

Even now, working on my own where I can use a mobile, I don’t carry it everywhere, just is not necessary unless you make it so.

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