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Does wearing a hoodie elevate your brain temperature?

Asked by jabag11 (676points) December 25th, 2010

I wear my hoodie (hood on a Jacket) every day. Apparently, when a person’s brain temperature becomes too elevated, it triggers a yawn to cool down the brain. So i ask, do you think wearing a hoodie a lot elevates the brain temperature?

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Don’t think so. That sounds like a myth to me. We’re warm blooded and have much more effective systems for cooling ourselves down. Internal temperature is pretty consistent anyway. I think you might just be bored.

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Your body is very effective at thermoregulation.

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No. You have to have a very high internal temperature to get brain damage >105, and a hoodie is not going to get you there. Even when you feel hot, your internal temp is still normal, except under very extreme conditions, and your internal temp includes your brain. Internal temps regulate by sweating in hot temps, or keeping vital organs warm like brain, heart, kidneys, liver in cold temps. The only way a hoodie might push you over into overheating is if it were 110+ degrees outside.

However, I think dogs do pant to cool themselves, including the blood vessels in the head and brain. Something like that.

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Well, not so fast. Mythbusters did an episode where they checked head temperatures in a freezer, and a lot of heat was removed through the head. I can imagine a scenario where you’re in a really cold situation, and your head temperature is dropping, and you put a hoodie on and it mitigates the temperature drop.

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@Rarebear Well, just blocking the skin from exposure ina cold situation would logically keep his head cold, and help his body temp from become hypothermic, but he would need to be in extreme temps to begin with, or have a fever for a hoodie to make a real difference regarding his brain don’t you think? And, I don’t think it makes humans yawn? Never heard that.

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@JLeslie Oh, you’re right, of course. I certainly don’t agree with everything he wrote, and the yawning bit is clearly false. I just think that it’s an interesting enough question to think about so as not to say “nope” right off the bat. There certainly is no danger in wearing a hoodie (although it looks kind of silly in my opinion if it’s not cold), but he’s going to want to take it off LONG before it causes any potential damage.

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I don’t think so. I think you body works in such a way that it keeps your insides at a fairly regular temperature whether it is warm or cold or whether you are covered up or not.

But I always wonder why, in my area, where it’s warm most of the time, the fashion for young men is to wear either a ski hat by itself, or to wear a hoodie over a ski hat. And this is in an area where the average winter temperature is about 65 and gets up into the 80’s and 90’s during the warmer months. I start to sweat just looking at them.

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@Kardamom I would guess mostly a fashion statement. But, having your body covered in natural thin fibers, keeping the sun off of your body and head is actually cooler than being half clothed say. Think Arabs in the desert. They wear loose clothing, but are covered. But in the states it is more likely a heavy sweatshirt material, and not very practical in 90 degree heat.

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@JLeslie The fellows around here are usually wearing a fleece hoodie over a wool or knit ski hat. Year round. I would melt and die from the heat.

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@Kardamom Yeah, they just think it’s “cool.”

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@JLeslie “Cool”, that’s kind of ironic, huh?

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Negative, but constantly using a cellphone, next to your brain, may do so.

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good and great answerss everyone! thank you, now i can wear a hoodie all day long lol

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@jabag11 Why do you want to?

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Oh gosh,
I hope so! I’m freezing! :(

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@jabag11 Is there a kind of hoodie that doesn’t hide your identity?

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