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Why are people so quick to jump to conclusions?

Asked by daytonamisticrip (4856points) December 29th, 2010

This question is not directed to the outside world it is directed to the fluther world only. Recently a new user in need of a hand got accused of being a troll. Seemingly only for the fact that he/she had similar letters in their user name as a past troll. His/her question got modded because a few people thought he/she was a troll. I know this person isn’t a troll because I’m pm-ing him/her right now. So why are people here so quick to jump to conclusions?

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Do you know them personally? How do you know they aren’t a troll, simply because you’re messaging them? If you don’t know them personally, aren’t you also jumping to conclusions? I’m one of the people that assumed it was probably the same person asking a different question, so I figured I’d answer this. I said I was thinking that it may have been the same person, not that it was the same person. I came to that conclusion, not only because of their similar names, but also because of the content of each question, and how they were worded and typed, and also because of how closely together the questions had been asked. That is why I, specifically, thought that it might have been the same person.

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If it is the same person maybe he/she was being serious. This person is not necessarily a troll.
No I don’t know this person personally. I’m almost certain this person isn’t a troll because of the way he/she told me straight out that he/she isn’t a troll, the way he/she was aggravated by the accusation, my gut feeling, the way he/she is asking for advice, and because I see no motive for this person to pose as a distressed kid. Yes I am jumping to conclusions but my conclusion isn’t potentially putting someone down.

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I didn’t put them down, I simply voiced what I was thinking. I agree that if it was a genuine question, it should come back up, if only to err on the side of caution and to try and help a kid that really needs it. I answered the other question in which people thought the same person asked it, just like I would have answered that one.

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I’m sure there’s a much more elaborate, constructive and legit answer besides what I’m about to say, but in the end it can easily be all translated to; people are all fucking assholes. Trolls and otherwise.

But let’s try and remember something here dude. Fluther has often been haunted by posers and trolls, so maybe people get sick of it, even if their interpretation is false. You can’t really blame them. I’m also pretty sure the mods or some higher ups can tell when one user has several accounts, and that beats any fuckin gut feeling in the world, am I not right and proper?
Sure, it isn’t fair for those users that are legit and get branded as something else; which reinforces my asshole point.
The problem with Fluther is that the expectations here are much higher than your average Q&A site. It may be good and it may be bad, but it does affect some of the reception. I’m not insinuating anything about you or your friend, but dramatic crap is best left on Answerbag or Twitter.
There may be an element of balance that don’t match round’ deez eer’ parts, I won’t deny it. Although generally, as arrogant as it might seem around here at times, people are very good listeners. They care, and are very empathetic, for the most part.
I know this for true.
Again, not saying your buddy is in the wrong; we might very well be ourselves, but my point, besides everyone being a prick, is that people here are very protective of their environment, which is quite unique in its own way. This may be one reason why people ’‘jump to conclusions’’.

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@daytonamisticrip If the question was the type of question usually asked by the troll who has a username similar to this new person, then it is understandable why people would jump to conclusions. I am sure there are times when jellies are in the wrong, but I bet the majority of the time when they think it is a troll it is. Your friend might have been wrongly accused, I don’t know. What was the question about? Did the question last long enough to have some answers and replies by this person who wrote it?

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People would jump to conclusions because they wish to protect their environment and they were hurt by similar acts of trolling. From experience they would recognize signs or clues that the person may be a troll and therefore they would act on them to protect the site….thats all!

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I’m not sure if I saw the question that got pulled. Perhaps the way the question was written needs a little reflection? Did it sound as if it was written as a prank?

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People jumping to conclusions are probably the result of brain control chemicals given to them thru the florinated water by CIA operatives trying to cover up the Columbia explosion and the Kennedy Assassination.
Or, maybe the mods noticed the posts were coming from the same IP address as the previous ones.

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@daytonamisticrip said “His/her question got modded because a few people thought he/she was a troll”

I am afraid you have been quick to judge moderation based on the word of another user. ;)

That is not how moderation works.
We do not pull questions because another user cries “troll”. If a question is sent back to the user it is usually just based on not meeting Fluther guidelines. A mod note is attached to help the user fix it for re-posting.

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Since @Dog has answered the moderation aspect..

Long-time users have learned to spot a particular pattern of behavior which generally equals troll. Someone with questionable typing/English/vocabulary skills creates an account and then goes about asking inflammatory questions that will get people riled up. One of the types of questions used frequently is a ‘Help, I’m X’ – where X = abused, neglected by parents, or in some outrageous situation where people would normally never sit idly by to watch it happen.

Now, that’s not to say there aren’t new, genuine users with crazy problems, but frankly, the majority are simply trolls that get their kicks and never return. After you’ve seen enough of these questions and trollish behaviors, you begin to have less patience for them. That is why people jump to conclusions.

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Jumoing is more fun than just plain walking.

I don’t know why, but I know almost everyone, sometimes even me,jumps to conclusions. I think it is part of our instincs that helpred us judge situations, which helped us to survive this long and evolve.

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gee, I just started on Fluther – hope it doesn’t get more confusing than all this troll stuff!

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Aw crap. I need to read the full question more. I didn’t even know this was about the site.

This is a great exaplme of me jumping to conclusions lol.

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@HoBe – The definition of troll is “Post shit that they know is wrong to start a flamewar.” As long as you are genuine you are safe.

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@daytonamisticrip, to answer you question of “why are people so quick to jump to conclusions” is that, with experience, you pretty much learn that if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it is a duck most of the times. Not always, but most of the time.

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