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Will you watch or record "Last Lecture" tonight?

Asked by Jill_E (885points) April 9th, 2008

I read about Randy Pausch’s last lecture last Sundays paper in “Parade”. Tonights special with Diane Sawyer is about a dying man wishes for his children. He also co-wrote a book which I plan to buy soon. I loved “Tuesdays with Morrie” with Mitch Alborn. It sounded similar about a person’s wisdom of life lessons.

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seen it. Its great but made me cry. Its available online.

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There is an update tonight, Del. It’s been 6 months, about at the limit that the doctor’s gave Prof. Pausch to live. They aren’t showing the original lecture, it’s more a series of interviews and catching up on his progress.

I’ll probably watch it, as I have deep respect for Prof. Pausch.

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I have this Tivo’d because I won’t be home, but I can’t wait to see it. I’ve seen the recording of his first lecture many times, and it is the most inspirational thing I have ever viewed.

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I saw his ‘original’ last lecture on YouTube. Definitely worth the hour-and-a-half… very moving.

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Truly amazing.

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Someone posted the youtube link to his original last lecture a couple of weeks ago. He has amazing courage and insight.

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