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Have you ever faced stupidity and realized that It would be less trouble for you to say nothing?

Asked by talljasperman (21820points) January 3rd, 2011

I’m been doing this more and more often… Is it a brilliant adaption or something unfortunate?

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depends on who is observing. If i did it in front of my dog, sure thing.
if I did it too many times in from of my peers, management, etc it wouldnt float well.
So adapt it further into selective stupidity.

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I do when I realize the stupid will never change their mind so. I’m not Mario so it is best to avoid brick walls. It makes life a lot easier.

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Oh, yes.

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Oh yes, although I admire outspoken people who will step forward and speak their mind and crush stupidity(momentarily, because stupidity is life-long), I honestly believe that at times and with some people, it is better to keep it shut. I know that “there are none so deaf as those who will not hear” and yes, I don’t say anything because words go down the drain and trouble follows.

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yes. Saying something in those situations lead to arguments involving ad hominem attacks more often than not.

Remember Thumper’s Rule: “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all”

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(It was his father’s rule. Just like some of the rest of us, Thumper had a little trouble remembering it.)

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Plenty of times. I will do the same thing. Simply not reply at times of real stupidity for several reasons.
1. If they haven’t learn by adult hood than nothing can change it.
2. Sometimes if its really stupid I am stunned into silence. I believe billions of my brain cells die instantly. LOL

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Does this count?

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I do and I think it is a reflection of the times and nature of the modern age. There is just so much information and so much going on that I find that people are just unprepared to deal with all that confronts them. It is easy to say….wow how could you be so stupid when there are probably a lot of good reasons. That is still no excuse in my book and I will be the first to admit I am guilty quite often of really dumb moves. Stupidity IMO is the core of the learning process.

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Yes, but then you’re just labelled elitist lol.

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“How’s that working for you?” gets a lot of mileage in those situations.

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now facing stupidity is something that we all come across everyday. When in the face of stupidity, I just smile, let them enjoy their moment in the stupidity sun and move on my way.

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I don’t necessarily agree with you…but I think it’s mostly on a semantics basis. I don’t really think of there being an “unprepared” element to stupidity – I associate that myself more with ignorance or being naive, or just uninformed. I always think of stupidity as there being an element of obstinance or inability to it, or perhaps a shallowness.

The amount of information makes drawing conclusions a daunting task – that’s why I try not to until I think it’s pretty clearly right to do so. But I don’t think you should hold yourself to a standard where you don’t have an excuse for doing something stupid merely because you were uninformed – it’s no excuse to ignore information that you’ve directly received, or to refuse to admit or learn from the error afterwards, however. That’s totally stupid. ;-)

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@JLesliemysterious ;-)

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Hasn’t everyone? Some more than others granted.

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Of course – I will often say nothing in the face of stupidity, but I try to speak up when faced with bigotry or racism.

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Alas… quite often.

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@iamthemob It was the best answer I could come up with and I was trying mostly to be nice about what I really think about this topic. I do stupid things myself for sure and quite often it is out of sheer laziness. But I sadly deal with this topic everyday and when I encounter someone demonstrating this topic at hand and especially people I know who know better….I try and ask myself to try harder to understand the possibilities that may exist as to why they are making me bite my tongue so hard. My secy is a prime example and almost always has to do with she is mentally on vacation worrying about something personal in her life. Still distraction is hardly a good excuse for stupid moves.

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I’m with @janbb. There’s no good arguing with stupid.

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