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What makes a Great Answer for you?

Asked by Joker94 (8180points) January 6th, 2011

What makes a Great Answer to you? Does it have to be in-depth, or short and simple? Do you think that witty answers are better than straight forward ones?

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If it required a lot of thought, even if I didn’t agree with the answer. If it made me laugh or smile, if it made me think or if it taught me something. And sometimes, if it’s someone I hadn’t seen in a long time and I had just missed them, I’d give them a GA. I always give a GA to everyone if I had asked the question. (This is not a hint.)

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I give points when an answer makes me laugh or when it is very helpful, thoughtful or insightful. I also give points when someone gives someone else a well deserved smackdown – only when appropriate and not necessarily in a disrespectful manner.
And like @chyna I give everyone a GA in my thread if I’ve asked the question just for them taking the time out to answer, unless they were being an asshat or something.

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A great answer is dependent on a few things

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If one can answer in as few words as possible with an informative,entertaining answer,then I think it’s great. ;)

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Well written and/or funny and as concise as it can be without losing the point. Some Jellies don’t seem to understand the concept that clarity is enhanced by brevity.

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It depends on the question. Sometimes I give GA for serious, well thought out answers. Other times I give GA for answers that make me smile or laugh.

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For me it’s just this: I know it when I see it. That’s what makes a great answer for me.

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It can be any length. I’ll read it if they keep my attention. It can be serious or it can be funny. Whatever it is, it has to be quite clever or quite honest. Good spelling and grammar really help because, for some reason, I am getting more and more tired of trying to translate fractured English as I get older. But I don’t hold it against people for whom the language is their second. Or third.

Makes me wonder about what people’s motives are in writing. Do they write to be read, or do they write to think? I write to think, fwiw.

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Lots of different answers are great answers. I like ones that are funny. I like when an answer makes me think of something in a new way, or teaches me something new. I really like when someone changes their mind, or admits they had been incorrect.

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If it is to the point of the question, and has a good sense of humor to it. It must be to the point of the question.

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