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Has anyone else gotten 50 Great answers?

Asked by simone54 (7600points) June 16th, 2010

Everyone knows that the marriage proposal answer is the got the most great answers. It had 99 at least. I’m about to get to 50 on one. Has been done anyone else besides that person?

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No u.u;
I’m not that good at answering questions I guess.

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lmao…glad to get one!

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No, but I’d LOVE to see a link to yours!

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I don’t pay attention to how many GAs I get, but I’m going to bet that I don’t have that many GAs to any one particular answer.

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<<<Will pay in sex/cash for lurve. Pass it on.

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@zenele That’s interesting. Itching to get to your new name?

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@syz Nope. Just like combining my favourite things.

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@envidula61 I did it! He’s at 50!

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Vagina nose was an instant classic.

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Probably Astrochuckie.

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@Seek_Kolinahr, call me silly, but I felt honorbound to let someone else put him over the top. Now that you’ve done it, I’ve added my vote, too. I’m jealous, though.

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Uh… not even close. Le sigh.

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I think the most I got was like, 7.

It’s funny though, reminds me of that time on AB when I asked everyone to downrate me as much as possible to see how low it would get lol.

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Yes! Well, actually I’ve gotten 126 GA on one question <blushing> and No, I am not being smug.

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Jeruba? False alarm.

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@simone54 Link us to yours, please!

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Well, damn it. I’ve already lurved that one! It is a classic. :D

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@simone54 see, i got my one! Made my day!

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@simone54 Now it has 50. :)

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Thanks but there is no award for 50; :(

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@simone54 Lurve is its own reward. :D

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@augustlan I thought you stopped getting lurve for GA’s after a certain number of GA’s.

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@Seaofclouds Yeah, you’re correct. I just equate GAs & GQs with lurve, even though they might not add to your total points. Kind of like “It’s the thought that counts”, you know?

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@augustlan Gotcha. I was pretty much thinking the same thing (the thought that counts part). I just wanted to be sure I understood the actual points.

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@Symbeline I did that once on AB also. It was the only question I wrote that was ever modded there.

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-yeeeehaaaaaaa—- got another one today!

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Maybe Fluther should adopt a frequent flyer miles approach. For every 10 more GA there’s 10% free additional GAs from the system. You hit 50. It will earn you 55. Like it?

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I have to tell you that after reading this, I just feel so insignificant… and unlurved.

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