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How can I boost the ipad wifi range?

Asked by aklesh3 (1points) January 7th, 2011

While my iPad does well, sometimes it’s juuuuust out of range of a wifi signal? Is there any way I can “boost” and get a little more?

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If you have access to the router you can change the channel it broadcasts on. The common ones are 1, 6, and 11. Usually 11 has less traffic. You could get a slight boost in range by using it.

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Not really. There are few tricks to improving wifi range that are done on the receiving end anyways; most of them involve the router, and those that don’t are off-limits to most Apple products.

Then again, aside from installing apps from iTunes and syncing your media files, there really isn’t anything you can do to the iPad anyways. Totally sealed. Closed off. No options. Zip. Nada.

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