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Any apple heads know how to make WiFi Extreme Port work with Comcast DSL modem so i get my Macbook/iPad/iPhone work?

Asked by BabylonFree (208points) April 7th, 2010 from iPhone

I installed the software that came with it did hook it to the modem and power source but still it doesn’t make none of the gizmos work on WiFi although I receive the signal icon.

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I can’t help you – I am an Apple core person. (If you are receiving a signal icon, then the problem is probably with your router/modem firewall/security settings.)

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well, that could be an awful lot of issues. just as a basic check go to system preferences > network take note of the [IP address] that’s listed then go to terminal and type “ping [IP address]” without the quotes. providing you get a response go to AirPort Utility > manual > internet and make sure there is a valid [IP address] listed (something that doesn’t start with 169). If that’s the case go back to terminal and type “ping [IP address]” without the quotes and using the new address. If that responds and you still don’t have a connection try unplugging the power and ethernet cable from the modem and the same from the router. Give it about 30 seconds then plug in the power to the modem and wait for the lights to go green (a minute or two should be enough). Then plug the cable to the modem and the power to the router, give it another minute or two then plug the cable into the router. If none of that works, call comcast tech support, you’re paying them more than enough per month anyway so you might a well make them work for you.

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Comcast does not provide support for routers other than the netgears they provide.

Source I was a Comcast Internet Tech Support Agent last year. They do not wish to take on the legalities of supporting Apple/other equipment.

The simple answer to your issue is that you have not set the router up correctly, and are getting a IP address. Follow these directions to a “T”, then report back if it worked.

-Unplug the modem and router.
-Remove the cable from the back of the modem. [the cable line.]
-Wait 10 seconds.
-Plug the cable back into the modem.
-Plug the power cable into the modem.
-Wait for all of the lights on the modem to come on, minus the link light, or whichever represents the connection to your router.
-Once all of the lights are on, plug the power into your router.
-Run the Network Diagnostic on your Mac.
-Presto, working internet.

I know this will work.

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Thank you all I hope to get it set up and working once I get off from work in 5 hrs, I’ll let you know what worked if at all.

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I got it thnx just as you squrbel said so did the apple tech support.

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Good show!

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Comcast has DSL?

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@squirbel Didn’t think so…

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@squirbel See thread title.

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