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How do I increase the orange bar on Dantes Inferno for Xbox360?

Asked by InkyAnn (2441points) September 5th, 2011

I’m currently playing Dantes Infreno on Xbox 360 and at the bottom of the screen there is an “ability” where if you hold the left bumper button and right bumper button at the same time you burst into flames. The bar at the bottom of the screen for this is orange, when its full you can use this ability. My question is how do you increase the length of the “orange bar”? I’ve seen on a few walk through videos that they were double the size of mine and I can not figure out how to make mine longer.

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If you were still wondering about this, it seems the orange bar is something to do with “Redemption”, apparently some Holy move or something. The Dante’s Inferno Wiki page on the move says that you can purchase upgrades for the bar’s length from the upgrades menu, and that there are some items you can find to make the power more effective.

Good luck on your quest

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@GrayTax thank you. I did eventually figure it out. But thank you. Are you a gamer?

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@InkyAnn Ah, excellent! I am indeed a gamer, though I’ll admit I’ve only ever played the demo of Dante’s Inferno. Is the full game worth buying?

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@GrayTax If you liked the demo then H*LL YEAH its worth buying! I loved it. Actually the reason I asked if you were a gamer is because I was going to see if you had any other games like it that you would suggest.

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@InkyAnn I have to admit I was of two minds about the demo. On the one hand it was great; classic style and really tight controls, with a good difficulty level and fresh subject/art style. On the other hand, there were sections that I didn’t like quite so much. I might give the demo another try and go from there!
I thought the anime adaption was pretty grand though; if you’ve not seen it and liked the game I’d definitely recommend it.

Similar games? My personal favourite of the type is Devil May Cry (specifically DMC3), and the God of War series was pretty good too – particularly for their time. If you were after a more recent game though, Darksiders was pretty cool but for the fact that you had to backtrack through a lot of the game after a certain point. I could go on, but I think this answer’s getting a bit lengthy…

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@GrayTax Haha funny you mention DMC and GOW. Ive beaten all the games in both series haha. Loved them too. Darksiders huh? Maybe I have just been out of the gaming world for a little too long now because I havent heard of it. The back tracking sounds like a pain in the a**, but ill still look into it.

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@InkyAnn If that’s the case, how much are you looking forward to Capcom’s reimagining for the newest game? I was sceptical at first, but it looks a lot more promising now, with the (likely to become an overused gimmick in the final game) “shifting geometry” feature almost outweighing the rather repetitive looking combat.

One game I forgot to mention before was Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, mainly because I only played the demo for that and never got around to getting the full game. I thought it was more like GOW than Dante’s Inferno, and pretty damn good at that. If I’d played the full game I’d likely recommend it over Darksiders but hey, that’s what demos are for, right?

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@GrayTax I am a little skeptical too, havent really made up my mind oh how I feel about it yet. The last time I played Castlevania was on old school Nintendo haha. And wasnt a big fan of it back then so I didnt really think to try it out now. But if its how you say it is then I just might give it another chance. Im sure alot has changed since then. What console do you play on?

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@InkyAnn That sounds like a good way to be until it’s released; you can’t really be disappointed if you don’t have great expectations for something!

Ditto for that… I borrowed a copy from a friend (I think it was Castlevania IV) and gave it back the next day because I just didn’t like it. I took a chance on the new one as I’d played (and liked) one of the GBA versions and I certainly wasn’t disappointed.

I use my computer more often for gaming at the moment ‘cos I don’t actually have the desk space to set up my xbox360, but as far as consoles go that’s the one I use, along with a bit of nostalgia-fuelled SNES. What console/s do you use?

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