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What is the best anti-virus/anti-spyware/anti-hacking & firewall program (free or not free) out there forunbuntu?

Asked by kassa (1points) February 1st, 2011

What is the best anti-virus/anti-spyware/anti-hacking & firewall program (free or not free) out there for ubuntu? I have recently changed OS, general info says that there is no need for antivirus???

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First I’m not an IT expert, but the best firewall I’ve been told is a physical firewall, in your router.
AVG I know makes an anti-virus for Linux.

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While it is possible to write viruses for Linux machines, so few people bother_ that the risk of malware infection is very small.

Your system already has a software firewall installed, although it’s hidden from end users. If you want to manipulate its settings, follow the instructions here to install a graphical user interface.

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I agree with @the100thmonkey You really should not have to worry when you are running UNIX based OS. In any company that I have worked in, it is the Windows side that needs protection. Certainly lock the firewall down.

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I think the KDE front end is called KlamAV and the GTK/Gnome one is called ClamTk.

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yep you absolutely don’t need anything…ubuntu’s so much effort to hack assuming you have updates installed that it would just not be worth it…also tip you can set your home folder to be encrypted which would lock down pretty much anyone intruding in…normally you have this option on install.

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Try Avast free antivirus. It works like a DREAM on my Acer Pc and it’s free too.

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