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Why do schools use macs?

Asked by 65Stang (508points) April 15th, 2008 from iPhone

if they cost more than a pc, then why do they keep the mac?

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because they’re better…see, that was a short awnser

no realy, more stable, more parental control, less maintainance, more inuitive interface

if i was an admin at a school, i’d push for macs any day

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Because Macs are more powerful and accessible to everybody!

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Apple has always courted the education market. I think they figure that students who use Apples at school will go home and buy one or ask to use one when they enter the job market. I’ve seen countless designers ask that their system be a Mac simply because its all they used at school even though all the same apps are available on the PC. I remember being just a little guy learning to type on an Apple II in the school’s computer lab.

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Our local district bought Apple iBooks for grades 6–12 and had a lot of success with it. After several years someone thought it would be a good idea to switch to Dells because they were a little bit cheaper. So they switched the 9–12 high schoolers over to Dells and even though they were cheaper per unit, they ended up spending a LOT more in support, repairs and other things than they had been when they were on the iBooks. Macs are reliable machines that are well designed and hold up to abuse relatively well.

When you’re talking about buying computers for a school, you want more than just the cheapest machine you can get, you want one that works when you turn it on, doesn’t get infected with malware, so that teachers can be focused on educating kids and not being a tech support guru. Also, it’s easy to forget about the total cost of ownership (i.e. the total expense of owning that machine and software over the course of it’s active lifespan). When these figures are taken into account, Macs are often just as cheap, and in many cases, cheaper than competitor pc’s.

Plus with all the included iLife software that would essentially cost hundreds of dollars per machine to buy on a PC students are able to create all kinds of fun and professional projects. Take a look at Apple’s student gallery, the work there is pretty incredible.

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all the macs at my school were eMacs. Switch were cheaper and made specfically for schools. Apple knew what they were doing.

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Here in the Netherlands, there are not much school who use Macs. The software is usually made for Windows only. Good for me. Uhum…

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well, im from holland too, and yeah. i’ll have to agree, both my parents are teachers, and what i also notics is that most software is so damn outdated..realy dos built..

i do hope that schools would invest more in mac’s, it’s so much better

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Do you know “Honger of erosie”? That’s a DOS-game for geography.
EN: “Hunger or erosion”

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no, too bad, i remember in highschool we leart how to work with microsoft works…. man o man

by the way, i do remember this dos game with a little helicopter in geography

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Uh…... Most schools in the us use windows… I’m not saying either is better but I work full time on different districts machines and very few are macs.

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My school used pc’s, boooo…

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but it’s a shame that macs are used so little, great machines realy..

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back in the day apple co-founder Steve Wozniak started a program to get apple computers in schools. He was the first to try to get computers in all schools. Apple had a big head start.

In the 90’s schools started getting windows machines.

Now a days schools have both, with a focus of ms machines for productivity and apple machines for art/design.

I think its best to have both options. Most workplaces use windows.

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apple has an education sales force division and has for quite some time. I an not sure about other makers of pc’s. I would guess dell has one , but apple was well entrenched in the ed. market long before dell came along.

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jamms, i think the “ms for productivity” claim goes…numbers…bento…everything windows can do…mac can do better…

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Macs are easier for for young children to learn on. Plus they have all the pretty colors. My first computer was a Mac and continued to use Mac for many many years. Then I bought my PC. I still have my iMac.

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Because (a) they aren’t more expensive, when you compare similar configurations; (b) when you factor in the cost of maintenance and support and the expected useful lifespan, they’re actually significantly cheaper; and© they’re higher quality besides.

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My school has both, but since we have Video classes in our school, they use the Mac’s while the rest of the school use’s Dell’s. It really sucks.

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Because macs have a little bit of love built into each one

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Since computer skills are important to a students future schools understandably don’t want to put kids off computing forever by having their first exposure to such be a Windows machine.

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Because (despite this being sent via a PC) Mac is the better product. IMHO of course.

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