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How would you rate your social skills?

Asked by josie (30931points) February 20th, 2011

Am NOT talking about your interactions on a virtual social network, such as Fluther, or Facebook or something.

I am talking about real, face to face, in person interactions.

I am making the qualification, because people can survive socially on virtual network sites even if they have few or zero social skills.
The usual consequences of poor social skills (rejection, ostracism, isolation, etc.) are pretty much impossible on Fluther unless you totally ignore the site’s standards of civility.

So, with that in mind, as it pertains to real life, how would rate your social skills?

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Sober, very good.

After a couple of drinks, I have a perception that it is excellent, although it is probably good to fair.

Avdur sum moor drinkiez, reelly, reeelly awfool. What u lookin’ at?

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A or a 10. if I have my taser with me it’s an A plus or a 12 and better.

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Unfortunately I have a sideways (some might even say lightlyseared) sense of humour that tends to rub people up the wrong way. When combined with an attention span that would embarrass a gold fish, an insatiable curiosity and inability to tolerate idiots – I’d have to say I could do better.

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I have adequate social skills. I prefer people in small groups.

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Actual skills, fairly middling (I tend to run out of things to say in conversation) but enjoyment of social situations, very high.

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Very high.
I am an extrovert by nature and am very at ease with all people.

I am great at breaking the ice, have no problem with initiating conversations with strangers and am strong in my ability to put others at ease and make them feel very welcomed and comfortable.

I have always done well in customer service, sales and am strong in my verbal communication skills.

Infact, just yesterday, I was taking care of a business matter and the person whom I was speaking with paid me a nice complement, he said ’ I sure hope you are involved in the literary field somehow, you are GOOD!’ haha

This was in response to my interjecting some humor into our conversation, and my natural ability to make even the most dreary situation into a playful one sprinkled with verbose commentary.

I may not have figured out how to make a million yet, but, there is no person alive that intimidates me on a social level. lol

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I’ve become much better a socializing now than compared to when I was younger. I make eye contact, know when to make appropriate jokes, ask the right questions etc. I really like socializing now. I guess I’d be a 7 out of 10.

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I’d say 6 out of 10. I am good at small talk and listening to people and throwing in a quip or two at the right moment, but what I need guidance on is following up afterwards . Not that I need a ton of best friends, but it always feels awkward to me to initiate friendship followthrough with people I like. And very few people seem to follow through with me, either, so then I’m left wondering did I say or do something wrong, or what? I can count on one hand how many people call me on a regular basis just to talk.

The epitome of this was at my improv school. I thought I was getting along with everyone, so one day I said wouldn’t it be fun to go to brunch one morning? I started by asking one of my classmates and she said, ” No. I have enough friends.” I mean, what do you say to that?

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I am having a hard time scoring myself. I’m good at reading people. especially their reactions to me, good at making people feel liked and heard, etc. On the other hand, I’m a giant dork and it’s obvious. I am socially awkward a lot. I feel like I’m not quite saying the right things or I have no idea what to say, especially when it comes to small talk. Some people, I feel much easier with than others, right off the bat. I’m also not at all good at the strategies, game playing, or other social intricacies that other people seem to be fluent in. Not to mention, my mental space can really affect my perceptions, socially.

So, I guess I’m passable, but not fantastic. If the conditions are right, I can be pretty stellar (but that’s not that often).

@aprilsimnel – I would say Well.. aren’t you lucky?~

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When I need them to be a 10, they’re a 10 but realistically speaking, I’m kind of anti-social with most people.

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lol… I would be between ( -10 to +10 )

I’ve been told many times “I have the gift of gab” and “I can sell ice to Eskimos”

I have no problem talking to anyone (until I get to know them…But usually I’m really good at faking interest…)

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I do okay until I feel pressured.
Example: first arriving at college, I felt the need to have a good relationship with my roommate – pressure’s on – and I became totally awkward.
But in a group of random people, I didn’t feel like it particularly mattered if they liked me or not – pressure’s off – and I’m much more at ease and socially normal.
BUT THEN if I talk with any of those people and they seem like someone I’d want to be friends with, the pressure’s back on and my social skills suffer. It’s stupid because it means that I only come off likeable to anybody I don’t care about being friends with.

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I’ve not had any complaints so far. Although I really must stop laughing at random mome….....Hahahahahaha!! Oh shit :¬(

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Depends on if I really need to turn on the charm or if I don’t. I’m at both ends of the spectrum but basically, I prefer to be alone.

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Pretty good, I’d say. I’m fairly outgoing and I can talk to just about anyone with ease. I’ve always been that way…

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I’m a very articulate speaker so in a social interaction involving a good discussion, I hold my own very well. As far as initiating the conversation, not as much. I have to work up to being comfortable around new people sometimes and I’ve always been a tad bit shy in that regard.

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I’d say I need some improvements. I am always analyzing how people percieve me so alot of times this leaves me feeling rejected, wondering, “did I say something wrong?” Sometimes I am sure I did say something that ‘grated’ someone else because I have such a sarcastic sense of humor that can sometimes throw people off. I also feel awkward following through on new friendships. On the other hand I click with others easily, especially in a short term situation, but if it goes any further than that, I feel the pressure they are going to see what a nerd I am.
secretly I worry that I’m always being misunderstood and analyzed even on fluther and facebook

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I’m a watch-and-learn person so unless I know the people involved or it’s to do with my job, I’m very quiet and reserved, about a 5. In my circle of friends though, I’d rate myself a 7–8.

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I’ve been told I can be rather charming, and I’m somewhat persuasive. I think in part it comes from being confident, have a good vocabulary, and knowledgeable/well read, so I tend to know what I’m talking about (and don’t bother acting like I do if I don’t).

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I’d say an 8. I’m kind, approachable, humorous, and I know how to relax when around a group of people. I am the one who approaches people (say when I’m out and about – complete strangers) and starts a convo (not in a creepy sort of way, though).

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You sound like my twin. ;-)

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Pretty good! I am a friendly person who talks to starngers. XD

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When I met @lucillelucillelucille, I came off as a bit shy. BUT, that’s because she is stunning. :)

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Talking is fine, just don’t take any candy from strangers.
Hell, I’d get into a strangers car if they had cheesecake and champagne. lol

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Generally not bad as long as it’s restricted to casual conversation, though I tend to geek out a bit, and I really don’t care who is looking if/when I need to scratch myself. In a setting that is even the least bit formal (like a job interview) though, things tend to head South quickly.

Overall, a C-

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@jude Thanks ;) I thought you were just as genuine and sweet as you are here!
@Coloma- I won’t take candy,but I will take a good rueben sandwich! ;)

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Not to toot my own horn or anything, but on a scale of 1–10, I’d say a 10. …and I have the fan club to prove it.

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I think I’m OK. Sometimes I feel awkward, but usually I’m very friendly and accepting of people. I tend to warm up to larger groups (start off awkward, them get more comfy), but I usually feel comfortable in small groups or with individuals right from the beginning. As far as I know, I’m pretty good at reading people’s reactions and sympathizing/empathizing withthem… sometimes even when it’s a pretty big stretch. I always try to find the common ground if there’s a conflict or awkward moment. Like I said, though, I do feel awkward at times, and I’m sure that’s something people pick up on, so really it depends on the situation.

In short, I’m personable, but not always confident.

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I’m fabulous , I love working for the public whether it is playing music , singing or ringing up a register .
I feel lost without sharing and helping people –
I am funny / silly –
classy / laid back –
I know how to fit in all situations
Wow I gave my own self a vote of confidence there , how cool is that , I don’t do that very often –
Rate would be a big oh’ 10 – lol

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@Pattijo you sound like your a blast! LOL

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My social skills are of the highest calibre. I enjoy engaging with many different types of people on almost any level. My charismatic/outgoing personality is one of my favourite traits about myself. I seem to be able to get people to feel comfortable around me fairly quickly.

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I’m great at small talk with strangers .

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