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Does anyone know what it means to dream crocodiles?

Asked by Latina1486 (20points) February 27th, 2011

I dreamed many crocodiles trying to bite me, and 2 of my children, and other family members

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Welcome to Fluther. Perhaps you are anxious about the safety of your children? Hard for anyone else to say. Dreams only mean what they mean to the dreamer. What do YOU think it means?

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That’s interesting because my fiance was telling me this morning that he had a dream with wolves attacking us.. I wonder if it has a similar meaning to your dream?

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I looked it up and it said that it means problems or something like that

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I don’t really believe that dreams have a meaning. I have dreamed with snakes and I also looked it up and it means problems too.

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I think dreams do not have a mysterious or obscure meaning, I think they are more plain and obvious. I would guess you have a lot of anxiety about some people bothering your family. You are worried about your safety and you dream about dangers.

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Does that mean that if I’m scared something will happen can it come true, or it’s just the fact that I’m stressing?

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I think the crocodile is simply a projection of your fear of impending harm/danger that may happen to you or your family.

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Does it mean that whatever I fear will happen?

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…it’s just the fact that I’m stressing?

Yes. Only that,

Which can be useful. It makes you think about potential problems and makes you think of ways to prevent or handle them.

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Thank You JAYTKY

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No, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will happen. It’s probably just that you are stressing yourself out and overthinking it.

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Thank you Mcbolden

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I turned into a crocodile during my teens on an hallucinogenic trip, I cannot remember the ‘dream peoples’ exact explanation but I do remember that It wasn’t such a bad thing.

If you decided not to attack the animal in your dream that is associated with the capability to survive in difficult situations especially regarding children.

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I didn’t attack the crocodile I was just trying to get away from it

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Don’t count on their being a hidden meaning. To quote E. Scrooge, your dream may simply be the result of ”... a slight disorder of the stomach… an undigested bit of beef, a blot of mustard, a crumb of cheese, a fragment of an underdone potato.”

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Interesting timing. I would like to know if it supposedly means something, too. My daughter had a dream night before last that she was with another little girl, who told her to go do something or the other. When my daughter went to do it, the other little girl let herself be eaten by an alligator. Huh?

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I have also heard that if you go to bed with a full stomach you have bad dreams that night I did go to sleep with a full stomach

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