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What advice would you give yourself?

Asked by wenwen (331points) March 11th, 2011

If you could write a letter to your ‘younger-self’ what (if any) advice would you give yourself?
Recently I have found myself wishing I could have done this. It makes me quite sad to feel this way, because I believe only sadness makes a person wish for situations like this to be possible.
I think I would tell myself that promises people make are a bad idea, and not to be taken too seriously, no matter what circumstances they are made under.
I would also tell myself not to blame myself for trusting, trust is a beautiful thing, and it isn’t my fault someone abused that .
What would you tell yourself?

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Not to marry my first husband! Bah ha ha!

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You’ll go a lot further if you focus.
Oh, and stay away from Linda. She’s like antifreeze – sweet but toxic.

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(More here and here and here.)

1. Finish college.
2. Don’t stay at [horrible job] for 13 years, you’re just wasting your time.
3. Don’t bother moving cross country to be with C——. He’s a waste of time too.

I might also add, “Don’t cheat on D——, he deserves better,” but if I change that, I might still be with him and never have met my current guy, so that’s questionable.

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I echo #3 above. ‘Don’t move cross-country to be with R——. She is going to f*ck your sh*t up and ruin your life.’ Oh and ‘You will never fully recover from this.’

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I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it. That explains the trouble that I’m always in.

Anybody recognize that?

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Be more confident and believe in yourself. You are more amazing than you think you are.

Don’t let other people push you to do things they want you to do. If you want to do art or write, check out how you can do those things. Don’t be limited by other people’s aspirations for you. You have more potential than they or you know.

And ditto to @GoJessGo, don’t marry first husband, but then I wouldn’t have the kids I have so perhaps, marry him, have kids, dump him.

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I’d tell myself before and my 7 month old daughter in the future:
-Not to settle, make sure you’re completely happy.
-If you apply for a credit card only apply for one until you have a stable career.
-Be strong, The moment a man disrespects you, leave him, and never look back.
-Mother knows best, and only wants the best for you.

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Don’t try to break into that abandoned house! You will get caught and it will haunt you forever!

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Don’t start doing pills coke and meth at fifteen years old or anytime after that. Don’t drink and drive. Drop a chick the moment she shows any psychotic, violent, or irrational jealousy.

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Life is a quilt, accept it that way. All experiences make us who we are.

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Don’t worry, be happy.

Make time to do what you want whenever you can.

Find humor in EVERYTHING! :-)

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Don’t try to be perfect, that’s not part of life. Life is meant to live and to be a bit messy. It’s okay. Trust your instincts more, you have no idea how right are about things, so many different times.

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@Mz_Lizzy perfect answer. I copy that.

Don’t be in a rush to fall in love and definitely Do Not trust the butterflies and euphoric feelings you get when you kiss Any boy!

Make a good paying career of the very thing you never get tired of doing that is playing in the water.

People screw up, they are mean, rude, selfish, talk about you then are nice to your face, and will step all over you to get ahead no matter who it hurts….........Not everyone has as much empathy as you feel on a daily basis so do not get your feelings hurt and

surround yourself with positive people who truly know you and love you unconditionally.

Oh yeah! Do Not go to Best Buy after leaving work “sick”, to find cd for wedding, even if it is 3 days away your boss is there:O

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To: four months from today, two years ago.

Hello dear Self,

It’s me you us. It’s us? It’s future-you. Whatever. I know what you’re going through right now. Let me promise you, it can be okay. It’s not that bad. Really. You’ll make it worse all on your own if you don’t let go. You’re trying to control everything.

Just trust yourself, don’t talk yourself into ridiculousness. You can dance, you can write, you can be an artist.—Yes, you do have potential, yes that’s okay. No it’s not okay to be so submissive all the time. Cut that out. It’s annoying.

Stop trying to talk yourself into thinking you’ve got ——— because you don’t, and you know that.

Be excited for the program you’re in, and get to know the people, because they’re great. Be excited for the SPG next year, because it’ll be a real company.

When you’re doing and realizing all of this, don’t lose yourself for fear of not fitting. You will fit. You do fit.

Let yourself be yourself. As scary as it is… you’ll like that her. And if you don’t, it’s not you.

Keep your interests diverse. Enjoy it all.

Question everything. Especially society.

And while you’re at it, since you won’t be so down so you won’t find it this time around… check out a site called Who knows? You may like it.


PS: I’ve included a reading/viewing list in here for you. Take a look at everything.

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the past is the past, live,learn,forgive, move on, be happy

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To my ten-year-old self: Your mother is wrong. It isn’t psychological. You aren’t oversensitive or whiny or making things up for attention or a hypochondriac. Go to the doctor. You have brain tumors. If you catch them at the beginning when you’re 10/11 instead of having to wait until you’re 17/18 and someone outside the family becomes concerned and intervenes, maybe you’ll be able to get everything straightened out before it’s time to venture out into the real world and your whole life won’t end up in the toilet.

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Don’t wait for your parents to help.

Go straight into 4yr college, skip the J.C.

You don’t have to win everything. Some things aren’t for you and that’s ok.

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Stop hurting yourself, you don’t deserve it.
It’s okay to believe what you believe no matter who agrees or disagrees with it.

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I would advise myself not to tell what you understand to the others even when it is so difficult not too. Restrain myself so that I can avoid some real problems by giving out information that I shouldn’t. I have this a couple of times so far I’m still in favor.

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Speak your mind.
There’s no such thing as your permanent record.
You’ll never have as much free time as you do now.

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Dear ‘younger naive self’,

I would advice you to not listen to others and get yourself influenced. Never give yourself in to others. Always fight in what you believe. Love yourself before you love others. Make sure you always give your full attention to those who actually love you than to those who claim to love you. Please please please, choose good friends to be around with and not those who only want to be with you when you are well and happy.

Future self.

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Dear little me, don’t change a thing, it’s going to be rough and at times you will make mistakes and try and learn from them, some will hurt you big style! but some love you unconditionally, remember them both and use the knowledge of this for your future, someone will try to steal your mind and soul but you have the strength to hold on tight with every tug, you gain many gifts as an outcome of all this and you will be happy one day :o)

Love from bigger you :o)

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