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How to purge System/Pass Drug Test?

Asked by Pankakejoe (110points) March 28th, 2011 from iPhone

Hi, I did some marijuana this weekend, then I got a call from an employer asking me to come in for a job interview. I am 100% positive that they are going to ask me to take a drug test. Today is Monday, I took it last night, and the drug test will be either on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. I’m asking you jellies to pool your knowledge and help me pass this test! What do I need to do to clean my system in 4–5 days

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4–5 days! Jeez!
Lots of water, Propel (Gatoraid’s flavored water) has niacin (known for cleaning thc out of your system) so that will help. But you need to drink a lot.

Or you could buy Niacin, but I warn you, I’m not sure it will work that fast and it makes you break out and possibly nauseous. You can buy piss-cleaners at almost any smoke shop/porn shop too.

Good luck!

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Damn…it sounds like I’m boned lol I’m gonna dring a gallon of water a day and try to get a hold of thoseurine cleaners you mentioned. Damn…

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Hopefully they don’t ask you to test day of the interview. In my experience they usually ask when you get the job, but it may be different for you.
Good Luck, again, at your interview! I hope you get an A+++ on your test! :)

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Okay I’m gonna come clean (pun…slightly intended): I haven’t done the drugs YET (I didn’t want a response going “blah blah don’t do drugs hurr-durr”) so knowing how to clean my system now…I’m wondering if I should do it or not…I was going to go chill with a friend and toke up in a little bit but now I’m scared lol what should I do?

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Don’t. Marijuana can stay in your system for up to 30 days.

Please don’t lie on Fluther.

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@marinelife is correct. THC is very fat-loving, so it will remain in your fat tissue (and thus be detectable) for a decent amount of time afterward. “Purging” will not help.

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You really want to risk a job for “toking” up with a friend? Hopefully you don’t really need the job.

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I don’t know about the 30 days…I’ve done weed a week before a drug test and passed it…I remember I drank lots of tea…this was all over a decade ago, I’m hazy on the details.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir I bet you’re hazy on the details!

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@erichw1504 Hush, I walked right into that one.

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It really depends on who does the testing and what they are testing. Lab testing will probably be more sensitive than on site testing. A urine test can technically detect canabis after 30 days but in practice it probably won’t pick up anything after 3–4 days maybe a bit longer depending on the lab.

As for flushing your system don’t bother. The niacin thing comes from a L. Ron Hubbard and I think that, like everything else he’s resposible for, it’s a load of bollocks. Drinking vinegar (another common old wives tale) won’t make any difference and avoid stuff thats sold specifiaclly to beat the test (as most modern tests can test for that as well and your company will just asssume you’ve got something to hide).

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