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Why is my diarrhea so hot?

Asked by mud123 (31points) March 30th, 2011

Well, I came home tonight from eating out.. I had a hamburger and fries.. and I went to the bathroom and had a VERY liquidy bowl movement.. it didn’t hurt at all the first few time of going.. I went about 3 times before it started to get hot.. then I went twice more after that while it was really hot.. then fell asleep after finishing.. I woke up an hour or so later.. and had to go again and it was almost unbareablely hot.. and still VERY liquidy.. there is no blood in it.. but it’s never hurt this much in my entire life. Should I go to the hospital?

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If it keeps happening I would go to the doctor. Im sorry…. :(
Have you taken anything? like alkaseltzer(sp)?

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It is because the enzymes that normally work to digest your food have travelled through your digestive system too quickly. Normally, digestion takes a while and all those acids have been broken down by the body before they come out the other end but the process has been speeded up and so those acids depart via your rectum. Hence the “ring of fire”.

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Ring of fire, lol. I was almost in a crying state. Called telehealth.. told me to go to the hospital if it doesn’t go away in a few days.. so.. I’ll just sit in pain.

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My friend has this happen when he uses too much hot sauce.

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Make sure you keep hydrated – diarrhea can really dehydrate. Try Gatorade or something else that’ll replace those electrolytes; all that food that passed through you without being fully digested means a bunch of nutrients that you didn’t get.

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“Chinese Herbs for Diarrhea

Hot type of diarrhea is generally caused by a hot external pathogen such as a bacteria, virus, fungus, or other microorganism.

The onset is usually sudden, the odor strong. The pulse is often rapid, and the tongue body may be red, or the coating yellowish. This is typical of dysenteric diarrhea caused by drinking or eating contaminated food.

Taking Huang Lian Su promptly will usually shorten the course of this ailment.

Dr. Shen

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I agree about hot sauce. Did you have any? Hot sauce and whiskey used to make me fear for my life as I shat.

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Like… temperature hot? Diarrhea is usually pretty acidic (due to it passing too quickly through the bowels and so stomach acid or bile is not properly removed before exiting) so that burns and maybe could be mistaken for being “hot.” Unless acidic is what you meant by hot in the first place.
Drink a lot of water and Gatorade (Gatorade to replace electrolytes), use wet wipes to wipe if you have them (hurts a lot less than toilet paper when things are raw down there), and you can even use products that are used for diaper rash if you’re really uncomfortable. And definitely get medical attention if it keeps up for a while. It sounds like what you ate didn’t agree with you (I’d say food poisoning, but you’d be puking) and hopefully this should stop once that food is out of your system.

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it sounds like some sort of food poisoning. It ‘feels’ hot because of what the diarrhoeal is doing to your bowel and sphincter area. It is getting irritated and and the acidic nature of your stool makes it feel hot on your bottom.

Mariah has some very good ideas here.

Awww… is it still bad? This does sound like food poisoning (yes.. you can introduce a bacteria that does not cause puking.)

You can get a product called Imodium. It can help stop the diarrhoeal but if it doesn’t stop, see a doctor.

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Imodium could provide some relief, but I don’t know, with food poisoning the diarrhea is there for a reason (the body is trying to quickly get rid of the problematic bacteria) so I’m not sure if it’d be a good idea to take… maybe talk to a doctor?

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@Mariah Most diarrhoea like what is described here is caused by the ‘poo bacteria’ that finds its way to food because food servers haven’t washed their hands after going to the toilet. The infested intestine is caught in a ‘catch 22’ situation where anything that is eaten or drunk feeds the bacteria and it results in a runny poo. She could starve herself for 24 to 48 hours and see if that helps, but that is REALLY had to do for most people. By taking a very conservative dose of Imodium, it can stop the cycle and a normal, healthy adult can deal with the bacteria and get back to a normal bowel movement.

NEVER ever take a larger dose of Imodium than is mentioned on the pack unless advised by your doctor. If you are a small female.. half the recommended dosage the first time you take it and see how you go. It’s strong stuff.

If you have tummy problems after, like gas, take a probiotic yoghurt drink to help even out the flora in your stomach.

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Diarrhea passes through your digestive system very quickly, the normal enzymes and bacteria are attempting to thoroughly digest it before it gets through. The meal that you ate, hamburger and fries, contained a lot of oil. These oils have always tended to create a hot sensation upon exit. Hope I helped!

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@KatetheGreat sorry, sweetie, but that’s what your gall bladder is for. Worst case scenario is that she would have had a ‘floating sticky’ poo if your assessment was the case.

‘Diarrhea’ doesn’t pass through a digestive system. It’s the result.

Repeated diarrhoeal is the result of a bacteria in the gut and most probably E. coli.

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@cazzie LOL that’s just what I was told when I had this same problem once. Thanks for the correction!

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@KatetheGreat Well, there you go… now you’ve heard it from two sources. I hope the other one was a phlebotomist or a doctor or nurse.

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@cazzie I called my doctor and asked her and that is the response I got.

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My first thought upon reading that it was a hamburger was the possibility of E-Coli.

The one thing I do know is that if it were that, it can go to dangerous level in a pretty short amount of time.

I don’t know if they have developed any type of blood test to detect and/or rule out E-Coli, but if it were me, I’d be putting in a call to the local ER and ask to speak with the head nurse or an attending physician (not just an intern) to ask their advice.

Be sure to specify that the meal included a hamburger and ask if there is any specific test for E-Coli. That is a nasty organism and nothing to take lightly. The more time that passes, the worse can be the end result.

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Acid burns.

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