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I'm looking to move to a warm southern country with tall men. So do you know any warm countries with tall ( >= 1m85 or 6'1" ) men?

Asked by StupidGirl (896points) December 11th, 2009

I like hot weather and hot tall men. So what countries have hot weather and tall men?

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It’s the countries I’m looking for here, not the men.
Somehow the more south I go the shorter men seem to get?
I don’t like dating sites—I just want to move.

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What’s wrong with the tall men where you live?

I would try Brazil or Argentina or some South American country and/or Spain or Kenya.

However, you can find hot tall men in cold countries, too…and cold men in hot countries.

In the end, it’s not so much about the men…it’s about attitude.

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Where I live they are generally not my type. One country more to the north I like the men a lot better. But it’s so cold it’s depressing—me likey hot weather.

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The Bahamas.

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I have no idea if this article is accurate, but…
Maybe try Sudan? It is awfully politically unstable, though.

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What about the Southern United States? Florida is warm year-round.

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Norway. In July. Now go away. (JK~)

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What about TX. Isn’t “everything bigger” there. Plus, it gets plenty hot, especially in summer.

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No matter where you go… There you’ll be!

point being, perhaps looking within will provide more solutions to this dilemma.

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@answerjill “Save a horse, ride a cowboy.”

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What’s more important to you? There’s available tall men everywhere.

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Jamaica has some tall tasty black men! Rawr!

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Hahaha. It is kind of true that the more south you go in the US the shorter people are. But not everyone is short in those regions. Tampa, FL area has a lot of midwesterners which should increase your odds a little. Arizona also has midwesterners from what I understand. Meanwhile my sister-in-law just married a 6’2” man who she met in te West Palm Beach area of FL.

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What an unusual question. :)


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It’s called Utopia and it doesn’t exist.

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So, do you plan to marry one of these hot tall men in order to stay in his hot country?

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Not if staying in his hot country is the only reason to marry.

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I heard that there are a lot of tall Scandinavian types in MN. Maybe you can seduce one and drag him down to FL?

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Cayman Islands. I lived there for six months!

There are lots of cute englishmen there

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I split my time between the US (San DIego) and Mexico (Tijuana). I and many of my fiends are quite tall (me being the tallest at 6’8”). You can find that anywhere if you look hard enough.

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Come to Texas, we have tall men and it is always hot! :-D

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I live in the EU, they’ll never me in.

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@StupidGirl I assume you live in Germany or something. Yes, it’s true that as you move south, the average height is lower, but you can always find the odd tall Italian or Greek (I have two Greek friends who are over 2m tall). Besides, you’re not looking to date all men in a country, or the average of them, all you need is one tall man. And you could certainly find that, even in Midgetland and Dwarf City.

Australia and South Africa are quite warm, and there are tall people there, as I am sure there are in places like Brazil and Argentina (though I don’t think they’ll be any taller than your average Italian).

Now, where can I find a country where the weather is cold and the women are short?

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Hey thanks for answering. I’ve been thinking about that too and while your answer holds a certain truth; who says I’m going to like this one or two odd tall men? Personalty is certainly the most important to me and I like to have a bit of choice. However, I like a man I can hide behind when I’m scared, not the other way around.

Also when his family comes over or when being with friends or at work or wherever, I don’t wanna feel like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

I’ve been to Seoul, South Korea and when I went shopping literally all of the clothes were too small for me. In Spain it was a lot easier though, except for shoes.

For what I know, the UK has pretty short women and most of the time, IMHO, the weather there qualifies as cold—I don’t know if that’s cold enough for you?

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how tall are you exactly?

no, seen enough Brits to last me a lifetime thanks. I’m sure there are some nice girls there too, but they’re probably taken. Both of them.

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I’m 1m83 or 6“0.05’ without heels… and I love high heels :P

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hmmm, ok I can imagine how this could be a problem. Luckily there are tall men everywhere, though of course not that many. I guess it’s a bummer if you can only pick from a portion of the population. But then again, we all have our checklists, and often end up with someone who doesn’t meet our original criteria.

Still, if I were you, I’d just pick the country first (assuming you can also get a job etc) and then just go to basketball matches or something.

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Hey Stupid, I’m 6’4”. a/s/l?

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Is it hot where you live, like all year long?

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Argentina, Cuba, South Africa

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Hi StupidGirl, I have to teel you that the europe place that live tall people and its beautiful (so wonderful place) is Split, a city in croatia, the average height for man is 181 cm I think. Im spanish 187 cm (tall for my country) and there I was between average and tall. Also I saw many girls that height more than 183. It’s also a warm place with beach, but not all the year, like corea I think. Another place in europe is netherlands but is cold and raining. I hope to help you, you can write to my email if you have any doubt. Byez!

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If that isn’t a come on, I don’t know what is. Just sayin’

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Damn, that sounds like Texas! : D

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