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To look, or not to look. What do you do?

Asked by hairypalm (889points) April 21st, 2008 from iPhone

okay, when you blow your nose do you look at the damage or just throw it away? I don’t mean like stare at it or anything. It’s almost like a involuntary thing I see people do. What’s up with that?

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I know what you mean. I be seen it too and may even be guilty if doing it…I know I tend to use a tissue twice before binning it, so I’m a bit particular about folding it. That’s just me, no idea what other reasons there may be.

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i always check, i remember when i worked in this plant with all kinds of powders, some colored, it was pretty fun checking back then “hey, it\s blue!, hey it’s yellow”

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Sigh, I’m guilty too! I Always Look.
It’s kind of like when you know the batteries are dead in the remote, but yet you push harder.

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Thais so true about the batteries!

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I always thought you were supposed to check, and that if it was green it was a sign of infection. Probably just an old wives tale.

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and how about checking the john? i always look down with a very satisfactioned smug on my face, my brown masterpieces, call it dirty, i call it art :)

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i always look. i heard yellow snot means bacterial infection green snot means viral infection .

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You’ve been watching South Park, haven’t you?

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no, no i just like watching :) don;t you? when they’re as big that they would form a fishermans tale, i usualy take a picture, and yes, i know that’s a bit wierd…

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ew ew ew….....that’s…....just ew!

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no but realy, sometimes they’re so long, like they cover the whole inside of the bowl, simply amazing that such a large form could exit me in one piece, and i mean, it’s a part of you, right?

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No kidding. TMFI !!!!!!!

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funny, if I would have said something like that the modders would remove it.

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