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Broken Fluther Part two. What's going on?

Asked by Buttonstc (27597points) May 4th, 2011 from iPhone

I could not access my original question about this because it absolutely refuses tot go to Meta so am posting another.

At 3 AM it switched back to all text and going at a snails pace everytime I click to another Q.

As per JP instructions, I cleared the cache. No luck. So I did a reset still broke.

I did another clear cache followed immediately by another hard reset. The problem is still here and I can’t bear squinting at these tiny letters anymore.

As before, all other sites are working normally for me.

It’s obvious to me that the problem is not with my iPhone but that something has changed with Fluther. It’s the ONLY site doing this for me.

Could someone in authority please troubleshoot this with the founders and please drop me an email when it’s resolved.

It makes no sense to me to keep trying to use Fluther hoping it will eventually snap out of it. I’ve got such a headache dealing with the tiny text.

Thank you.

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I’m nearly certain that nothing has changed on our end, but I’ll forward this question on to Ben and Andrew to double check.

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Well it’s basically back to its normal look now. Except that it refuses to go normally to any other section than General.

The only conclusion I can come to is that there is some bug peculiar to Fluther since this stuff is not happening on any other site I go to. None.

As to why it randomly switches back and forth from normal display to wonky, that sounds like some sort of bug also.

I remember a while back that there was a really weird bug that kicked in because one user entered an odd combo of characters.

But what puzzles me with this is that I’m not doing anything out of the ordinary. And the switching back and forth is occuring randomly usually when I’m just reading and clicking not writing.

I hope the guys can figure this out.

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Stab in the dark…

The problem is on your side, and at a guess it’s your computer that has a problem with the live update features.

I base this on the fact that my end it totally fine, and that other sites could possibly be working well for you because of their lack of ajax or jquery.

Honestly though, I have no idea.

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Actually I’m using my iPhone and that’s what I always use. If I have to resort to my laptop I’ll be using Fluther a WHOLE lot LESS since hunching over it is just too uncomfortable.

I really have no idea what Ajax or jquery are but ever other site I go to is fine. And even Fluther is fine until it randomly goes crazy for no apparent reason.

It’s fine now but could switch back to all tiny text at any time at all.

Could you give me an idea what the two terms you mentioned are supposed to do? I’m a total technotard. That’s why I have an iPhone :)

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