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How can I edit a movie to change the colors in it?

Asked by ETpro (34600points) May 9th, 2011

I want to use this Web video but change the blue crescent in it to green. I can get the video in MOV, MP4 of WMV. Of course, I can use the downloadable batch files for Windows Movie Maker to switch a MOV to AVI for editing in Movie Maker. But how would I change the color of the blue crescent? Just adding a yellow overlay would color the sunburst too, which I do not want to do.

Anyone know how this can be done with downloadable or at least reasonably affordable video processing desktop software?

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You would have to go through frame by frame, or apply a green filter over everything, but then most of it would be green.

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You could play around in After Effects. You can get a trial here:

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@ragingloli true, I’m not familiar with that but if you can select a color range and apply a filter that might work.

I know WAX can do this but I had trouble figuring it out.

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I personaly prefer After Effects, but MAGIX has some nice software too, and it’s preset based so just select which effect you want and you’r done! Goodluck!

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Thanks to all who tossed in software ideas. Looks like I’ve got another learning curve to climb.

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If you need some help , give me a PM, im a fanatic movie editor hobbyist, I also make music, so if you have questions about music, also give me a PM. Always glad to help!

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@XYZZYtja That’s great to know. I actually talked the clinet out of changing the video to a green atmosphere. So nothing to do with this particular one. But I may be able to throw some contrat work your way.

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