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How to dye hair back to brown once it has bleach blonde highlights?

Asked by ItalianPrincess1217 (11614points) May 10th, 2011 from iPhone

I’m getting tired of keeping up with these blonde highlights. It’s expensive and exhausting. I want to go back to brunette but cant afford a hair dresser right now. Am I able to do this at home without coming out with orange hair? Any advice?

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Yes. Just know the color will fall out quickly, so you might have to redo every 4 weeks for three months, and get a trim every 6 weeks to get rid of the hair that was highlighted previously.. If your hair is layered it makes the grow out much quicker. I went from blond back to brunette for my wedding.

Hair turning orange typically happens whe. Stripping color not adding it.

Miss Clairol’s 800 number always has very nice customer service people who can help.

You could try the temp hair dyes first, so if you are not happy it will wash out quickly and completely. i really like natural instincts.

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@JLeslie My one friend who does hair as a side job said to mix half a box of red with a whole box of brown. Something about bleaching takes the red out so I need to put red in there too so it covers the blonde. True?

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I’ve had my hair bleached white-blonde several times. And dyed black, brown, and red over it on different occasions. My hair has never turned orange, unless I wanted it to. The colour will fade more quickly on the blonde spots than on the rest of your hair, but unless you buy orange dye, your hair won’t be orange.

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I’d go with a semi perm colour rather than a perm colour, especially is you’re happy with your natural hair colour and plan on going to a stylist as some stage in the future and have shoulder length or longer hair. Use a semi perm that matches your root colour as close as you can.

There ARE still dyes and chemicals used in permanent hair colourants that are under advisement for pregnant women. The thing is, you’d have to be dying your hair every other week a very very dark black to expose yourself to dangerous enough levels of toxins. Permanent colourants work on a different level to semis and use more noxious chemicals to open the hair follicle and impregnate the hair shaft with pigment.

@Facade means well, but is taking a little information and blanketing it over a entire topic. I get where she’s coming from, being cautious about exposing ourselves to toxins during pregnancy, but having a bigger picture and knowing more helps us be less fearful.

If you plan on seeing a hair professional in the future, just use a semi perm that matches close to your base colour. These colourants also have the wonderful ability, because they set on top on the hair follicle, to increase shine and colour all over. It will look, for 4 to 6 weeks, like you just stepped out of a hair salon. Safely.

All the best.

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@ItalianPrincess1217 I can’t imagine why you need the red if you don’t want the color to be reddish? But I am not a hair color expert. If it were me I would us a temporary hair color medium brown, not too dark, and if it is awful cough up the money to have a professional fix it. Single process is usually only between $25 and $50 at a salon.

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Don’t believe any of these people, your hair will fall out and you’ll be bald!!!

Lol….just kidding, get a really good quality brunette dye and follow the instructions, oh and like condition at least once a day for a month. This counteracts the bleaches drying effects…xxx

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