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My landlord doesn't take checks or give me receipts?

Asked by xdrewe (34points) May 27th, 2011

My landlord told me after I moved all my furniture in that she can’t take a check, so I gave her cash, then she wouldn’t sign a receipt. I really have to be honest here, I didn’t pay much attention to it. Now, I have lost my job and all I did was each month keep my withdrawal slips with a note in the memo ‘rent to ___and the date. I now need to prove I paid rent for the past 4 years. Am I completely screwed here? Yes, I have found out that she collects welfare, only pays taxes on a one family, and the apartment is illegal. I do not have money for a lawyer anymore, and the town tells me to go to the county and vs versa. Any advice?

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I would explain to her why you need a reciept. or a statement. Explain that if you don’t get it you will not be able to pay the rent. Chances are no one will cross check and make the connection that this is income for her. If she refuses, you could always stop paying rent. She runs just as much risk trying to evict you as she does giving you a reciept.
If you didn’t need the place so bad ( and it’s obvious that since you don’t have a job it would be hard to get a place someplace else) I would advise you to turn her in. It is people who fraud the system like this that give legitimate poor people who need the help a bad name. It really pisses me off.

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Why do you need to prove that you paid rent for the last 4 years?

(I’ve never come across that kind of proof before. What’s it for?)

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I’m not sure where the OP is from, @robmandu, but in Canada if your taxes get audited you have to show rent receipts in order to justify your claiming rent.

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I need to prove I pay rent, because for the first time in my life, I need assistance from the county. I am a Licensed Esthetician, and it’s hard to find a job when you are so stressed out at your home. I have twins in college, and that means not enough savings. Until I find a new job, I need to feed myself. I went to the county today (and that took me 3 months to let my ego go, and ask for help). They told me to come back with my rental receipts. I don’t know what to do. I have none. Now, I look like I’m not paying rent, when, in fact, every dime I have has been going to this woman.

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In the future, pay her with money orders. You might be screwed for past payments unless she agrees to give you a reciept.

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She won’t take a money order, I am actually moving. I just am not moving on her timeframe…like immediately. I am moving like a normal American citizen, in 30 or 60 days when I find a new apartment and pack up my stuff. I am going to turn her in. Thanks

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I don’t see why the records you have created wouldn’t be good enough, with an explanation attached.

Personally, I would tell her I’m going to turn her in if she doesn’t sign the receipts, and then turn her in anyway.

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ditto to the advice above, she needs to write you a letter saying how much rent was paid for what period, and if she doesn’t you will turn her in. If she signs small to no chance she will get caught, if she doesn’t she is definitely screwed. Let her know that. You have nothing to lose at this point but she does, you have the power and leverage here. Than when you move do the right thing and turn her in so you’re not an accessory to fraud.

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Did you guys sign any type of rental agreement or contract when you first moved in? If not, then have her write a letter stating how long you’ve been a tenant for her and how much your monthly rent is.

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By virtue of how she is accepting only cash and giving no receipt when asked is proof enough she is dirty.
I am glad you are moving.
Write a letter and in it state the facts. 4 years or cash required payments up to date. State you have substantiating proof based on your cash withdrawal from your account.
State that she has 30 days to provide letter stating you have paid completely.
State also she has 30 days to notify you if you have any unpaid balances otherwise it is assumed by virtue of non notification of such that you are up to date.
Send it certified with signature of addressee required.

Turn her in.

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If it’s an illegal apartment, then just stop paying rent. She’s bound to take a check if it’s her only choice. Since what she’s doing is illegal, the ball is in your court, I’d say…

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