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What would you do?

Asked by Quinnk123 (201points) May 31st, 2011

My boyfriend cheated on me and when I confronted him he lied and blamed it on me. The girl he cheated on me with is a trashy woman. Now they are seeing each other. I am going to a festival this weekend and will most likely see them there together. I want to get revenge but not on him; on her. What would you do in this situation?

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That sucks, but you can’t do anything about it. Be mature and move on.

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Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.

-Chinese proverb attributed to Confucius

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I’d remember that they’ll be each other’s punishment soon enough, be grateful that I dodged a bullet by not marrying the cretin and go enjoy myself with my buddies.

Seriously. If he did it with her, he’ll do it to her. And she to him. Whichever comes first. Don’t trouble yourself, just live well.

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Why do you want to get revenge on the girl? She may have tempted your ex, but it was his choice whether stay with you or not. It sounds like a case where pride has been wounded. The best thing to do is hold your head high, and do or say nothing to either of them. You will get much more respect from friends if you say and do nothing in the form of revenge or slander. And if your friends say, “I cannot believe he left you for that girl!”, then just say, “Well, his loss.” and leave it at that.

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Why do you want revenge on her? She wasn’t the one in a relationship with you. She wasn’t the one that was suppose to remain faithful to you. He was. If you see them, I;d just ignore them. As others have said, it’s only a matter of time before he does it to her.

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you guys are no fun

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I would do absolutely nothing. You are being extremely immature.

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@Quinnk123 We are only trying to help you salvage your reputation from potential mess that commonly occurs when revenge is sought. If you really want suggestions on how to seek revenge, some may be willing to offer it. Just know that there is always a price to pay if you act upon it.

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If we are not fun because we wouldn’t think about revenge against the girl then I’m fine with that.

I seriously don’t get why women or men zero in on the “other” person. I get that they don’t want to mess with their SO but pluuueeze use that frontal cortex

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I would go to the festival with a really cool guy. I would volunteer, but I have a date. Anyway, when you see them, say to her “I just gave away a pair of shoes exactly like those”. Smile alot.

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Start a fight.
Or show up at the concert with a hot ass dude. And walk past them like you have never seen them before in your life.

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The best revenge is living well.
– George Herbert

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Be thankful that this happened now, instead of after you married this guy. Be happy that you dodged a bullet.

They both sound like douche-bags, but that should not lead you to the conclusion that you need to take revenge on either one of them. Taking revenge would only make you look like a desperate, jealous fool.

Do everything in your power not to be a desperate, jealous fool and instead become a wonderful, wise and terrific person that attracts wonderful, wise and terrific people. That will be the only revenge you need. Because you will be the bigger, better person and those other two clods will still be douche-bags.

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The best revenge is to let him see that it doesn’t matter to you, that you are having fun without him.

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Revenge? Get real. Also, why are you blaming her? He’s the one who cheated.

Just move on.

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I’d feel really really hurt, humiliated and angry but also thankful I didn’t get strung along any further. I’d get myself spiffed up and go to the festival with friends.

There are probably some guys out there who will learn of this and fist pump into the air that the douchebag is out of the picture so they can see if you like them instead.

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I concur with all. Be happy you found this out about him now.
The best medicine is to show him you are actually happy you have discovered this in him.
I am sorry to hear about it and I know it must sting, but don’t stoop to his or her level.
Ignore them, move on. Know it was for the best.

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Thank her. You could still be dating the douche bag. Suggest that she get tested for STDs.

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@Quinnk123 you guys are no fun… Yes, OK. You, on the other hand, are so much fun that he left you for another girl. You don’t need to get revenge, you need to grow up. If you are taking this as a joke, maybe that’s all your relationship with him ever was, and that’s why he didn’t stick around.

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Revenge is the dish best served cold: Klingon proverb I would find out where he will be and have some gay guy come up to him and ask why he didn’t get a call back, was it because he didn’t use enough lube when he packed the ex b/f’s meat?

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It takes two to tango, not just one person. Why just her?

Most likely, he iniated the “fling”, not here.

I believe you are blaming the wrong person.

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Harboring animosity and revenge is akin to drinking poison and expecting the OTHER person to die.

Be glad you found out what an asshat this guy is before you had kids with him. Think about that. Seriously.

Also you’re now free and available for the decent guy to come along and truly value you.

But if you spend your first date giving him a hate filled rant about how much you want revenge for being wronged, how long do you think he’ll be wanting to get to know you better ?

Yes, you were wronged and cheated on. And yes, it sucks. But the sooner you put it behind you the sooner you’ll be available to enjoy what the future holds. The longer you indulge yourself in being preoccupied with revenge, the longer you’ll keep yourself stuck in the past.

You can make a healthier choice for yourself. And yes, it is a deliberate choice. It’s up to you to make that choice.

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I’d want revenge on him, not her. Why’s it her fault that your man is a cheater? She’ll learn soon enough. Once a cheater, always a cheater. But you know, karma will get him eventually. I’d just look really happy and pay him no attention. :)

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