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How can I hide myself when anyone searches me in Google?

Asked by 9doomedtodie (3113points) June 3rd, 2011

Maybe you are also facing this problem. When anyone searches for me by my name or email, Google gives several results (i.e., blogs, posts, account details, questions I asked).
Is it possible to hide them? How can I get a rid of this problem?

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You can’t it’s on the internet forever. You could maybe go through and try to delete every blogs, post and other online thing, but it still probably wouldnt work.

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Yeah! I tried that, but didn’t work.

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@9doomedtodie Then I can’t think of anything that will really work, maybe just start out with new aliases and go from there.

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you make all your internet activity not you; when someone searches your name, it won’t come up because everything is a screen name or alias

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Some of your activity comes up because of your computer registration. You come up because of your facebook site, e-mail address, and every other site that you register for. Some information goes away because you don’t use an account; on the other hand, sometimes you pop up because other people add their whole contact list to something, and your e-mail address is traceable.

People without a computer can still show up in searches because the White Pages are on the computer, and if you register for something in a paper manner, that group coupd sell its list.

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If you want to remain out of searches then you need to have different names all over the place that way you are not known by only one name. When I came here I created a whole separate alias from my email address. I even have several different email addresses I use depending on what it is, business or personal. Even when I go change dating websites I will change the username. I would rather the internet not make it easy when trying to search for me. You can search for my email address and name real name until the day is long and you will never find anything bad about me out there. I refuse to have anything subjective linked to my email address or real name that could affect my real life in any way.

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Yep, I am going through this right now. I’m considering a purchase like Reputation Defender, honestly.

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You can’t. Period. Don’t like what something you’re going to put on the Internet says about you? Don’t put it on the Internet.

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