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How can you create your own blog or wesite?

Asked by blueberry_kid (5905points) June 4th, 2011

I love playing my violin. And posting videos on Youtube isn’t much of a star search type thing. Well, I mean it isn’t very popular to see someone play her violin on Youtube. I was wondering, how can you create your own video blog?

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Get a free account at a website like tumblr or blogspot. I think for videos you’ll have to upload them to youtube anyway and embed them (using the codes that youtube provides for such things) into your blog posts.

To be honest, I think your videos will get more exposure from youtube traffic than on a blog. It is very difficult to create a highly marketable blog that many people will read. One tip I can give you is to try and play, at least in part, songs that people are interested in, like an arrangement of a pop song for the violin, for example. I play songs from video games on the piano and occasionally get pretty good sized crowds of geeks who enjoy my videos. :D

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A few days ago, in another thread, someone posted Wix.

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Just continue with Youtube I am telling you. Creating your own site/blog doesn’t do anything at all. It will take you AGES!
I have been blogging now for about a year or so and I only have 9 people subscribed to my blog. I also make videos on Youtube and it’s going well I guess. Its just I am trying to invest in a good quality camera.
Keep up with Youtube and make sure you have a good camera and edit your videos nicely.
You have to put effort into your work.

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I like blogspot for my blog, and I’m pretty sure you could then just copy the embed code from Youtube to post the videos on the blog.

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Wix is super-neat and easy to use. It is a flash-based website and can be used to create pretty sophisticated or simple sites. Here is one I have made and am still working on a bit…you can click on the different headings underneath the title to see the effects you can create. I am positive it is conducive to video.

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I site, You site, we all scream for we site.

I caught your typo – no big deal – but at first glance I thought maybe there’s a new blog thing – we-site or something. Maybe joint social blogging?

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