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Is Sarah Palin as stupid as she seems?

Asked by LostInParadise (28131points) June 4th, 2011

This is just too hard to believe I am thinking that this does not do her any good in trying to link to American history, but she must have some other agenda. Maybe she thinks it is elitist to get your facts straight. Maybe she is trying to get us to think, “Oh she’s just like me, except that I am a little smarter.” She has gone from mildly amusing to downright creepy. Please, someone make her go quietly away.

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The republican party itself is not for her winning. So won’t likely win.

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Yes she is!

Now, how stupid are Americans, to consider her a valid candidate for national leadership?

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Yes. No reason to doubt it.

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SHe’s pretty dumb. As someone who usually votes Republican, I’d never vote for her.

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great, another “let’s bash Sarah Palin” question~

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I think she’s probably stupider than she seems. What we see is without a doubt the result of a lot of coaching and rehearsal by handlers.

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Maybe it’s easier to believe she is stupid than believe she is a mind-controlled puppet.

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To everyone who said yes I agree.
Plain is a women without much common sense. Her values are all messed up.
I can not comprehend why any women supports a Reactionary strategy.
Her daughters lifestyle and mistakes are not something I admire.
She does not address the facts her beliefs are based on R wing rhetoric.
She makes me feel sick.

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Yes she is, can we all move on now?

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@jonsblond , Sarah keeps topping herself. It is not just that she is ignorant of history, but that she is politically stupid as well. Since she is calling attention to herself by visiting certain landmarks, it would only be proper to have someone on her staff give her a quick refresher on the significance of the places she is visiting.

@Michael_Huntington , Would you please be so kind as to advise Sarah to stop making such an embarrassing spectacle of herself. That would make it easier to move on.

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Being weary of the subject is a good reason for moving on.

However, the fact that some portion of the American populace regards her as fit for the White House means that we can’t ignore her existence just yet. Closing the subject because we’re bored by it seems foolishly self-indulgent while the prospect of such a low-caliber entity at the helm of our country remains real enough to be frightening.

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I watched an interview with one of her former aides last week. He said she is actually quite bright, and was simply misunderstood.
I began giving her the benefit of the doubt, but the stuff she says just doesn’t give me much hope that the aide was telling the truth.

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@filmfann Would/could her aide answer any other way?
The saddest part is she is brighter than many of the people who would vote for her.

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@filmfann Then again, her aide wouldn’t tell in an interview that she is actually quite stupid of course.
@worriedguy Great minds, bladibla :-)

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So Reagan, Quayle, Ford, and Dubyah were brilliant?
Amazing how many [well managed] dummies have sat in the oval office.

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@anartist when I think of Palin, Reagan and Ford don’t come to mind at all. I never even heard anyone thinking of them as dumb. Not that I’m that knowledgeable, Palin is in her own catagory.

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Biggest possible benefit of the doubt: she might be brighter than she seems and just not think well on her feet. Some people are like that. I’m one who seems to get tongue-tied when in the spotlight unless I have a well-rehearsed script. I’m at ease and can manage just fine when sitting down with peers at eye level. But as soon as I’m standing up and/or behind a podium and/or holding a microphone, my wits desert me and I stammer and stumble and feel like I’m just babbling (even if people tell me later that I made sense). I’m not stupid, but I feel like it when I have to speak under those conditions.

Here’s the thing: even if she were a straight-A student, a Rhodes Scholar, a scintillating mind and a world-class thinker, in order to do a president’s job she must think and speak well on her feet. She can’t babble inanities. She has to be up to the mark. The fact that many others are equally inept on mike does not excuse her. All those others aren’t candidates for president.

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This is America….don’t ever think someone can be too dumb lol. I’ve met people in their mid twenties and older that: didn’t know the difference between the two political parties, didn’t know the branches of government, didn’t know who Charles Darwin was, didn’t know how taxes work, and I can go on and on lol.

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See, that’s the kind of impression I don’t think we want to foster. Why call attention to it and exaggerate it? Why not take a little more pride in our nation and try to promote its best and not its weakest features?

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@Jeruba Yeah, you’re right…I agree there’s more good things than bad.

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I don’t know, is it possible for anyone to be as stupid as she seems?

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I actually don’t think she is completely stupid. I think she knows a lot about very specific things. I watched her Alaska show and she knew quite a bit about Alaska. Not just where to shoot caribou, but also statistics and interesting information about the state regarding it’s wildlife, business, economy, and more.

I think she never thought much about the world or the international scene previous to being asked to be VP, and that was my biggest problem with her. I don’t think she had a keen interest in national and international events previously, and I still don’t think she has much of an interest in such things, especially lacking in international politics.

We can never be sure when a politician says something stupid whether they might be tired or just mispoke. Although, she probably does not know the history, which is dissappointing.

Do you know how many people I know who did not figure out the Tea Party got its name because of the Boston Tea Party? So many Americans are clueless. History is my worst subject amd I find I know more than so many people, it is incredible.

The people who love Sarah probably don’t know history either, so it does not hurt her at all.

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Sarah Palin, perhaps even more than Bush, if that is possible, has what has been described as willful ignorance. Facts are an inconvenience, something that gets in the way. First you develop your point of view and then make up what happened to suit it. Ronald Reagan beautifully summarized this attitude in his misquote of John Adams. Adams said, “Facts are stubborn things.” To Reagan, “Facts are stupid things.” Big difference.

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It’s funny, but when I see Sarah Palin, all I can think of is Bush…

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…cuz now we know what it takes to make Bush look good.

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There is a great possibility that she is.

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Yes, she does have a way of “open mouth-insert foot” about her. But as mentioned, we don’t really know why for certain.

And yes, she did know a lot about Alaska (doubtless due to her former job and also having lived there for so long.

But what I find more disturbing is that, like Bush, she has this lack of curiosity. There is an overall quality of “I know what I’m talking about. My mind is made up Don’t confuse me with the facts.”

This is not an admirable quality in a potential world leader. From the moment she was chosen to be a running mate she should have been doing all she could to fill in the gaps on her woeful grasp of foreign affairs. And she has this stubborn refusal to admit how little she knows and relies on defensiveness to get her by. (the aftermath of the Couric interview).

It wasn’t “gotcha journalism as she asserted. Katy wasn’t asking about the names of obscure foreign leaders. She asked about what books she has recently read. Hardly a trick question.

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I don’t mind her being stupid, but she seems so pleased about it.

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@anartist – you called it I think, well managed dunces. It’s frightening.

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Anybody that can develop an adoring “mass audience” is probably not stupid.

But in most cases the adoring audience certainly is.

Look at just about any president. Or Lady Gaga.

WAIT! I take that back. I really like Lady Gaga.

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On a not entirely unrelated topic, I wouldn’t kick her out of bed!
Dumb as an ox, but I bet she uses her mouth perdier than a twenty dollar whore ;¬}

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“You realized you messed up about Paul Revere?” Fox News host Chris Wallace noted in an interview with Palin Sunday.

“You know what, I didn’t mess up about Paul Revere,” Palin replied. Blah Blah Blah


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“I know what I’m doing. My mind is made up. Don’t confuse me with facts.”

Ha ha ha. And she still wonders why people consider her a dimwit.

Look in the mirror, Sarah.

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Sounds right to me.
She is an embarrassment to women.
Why does any man find her attractive?

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Men find her attractive because men are visually stimulated.

After all, she could pass for Tina Fey’s identical twin and Tina Fey is attractive and cute. So is Sarah. But then she opens her mouth :D

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A hit, @Buttonstc, a palpable hit.

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I find her sicking. Not well put together or well spoken. She lacks any trace of class or style.
I guess men see things different.
I see her as dumb, cheap and nasty.
I see more attractive people every day. They are also more intelligent and they articulate better.

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“The job is toooooooo big for me, I love my country tooooooo much. Popularity is not it. I’m no longer going for the presidency. She can help the country by saying that and ending it.

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