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Have you ever questioned if you could trust your S/O when the chips are down?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36630points) June 17th, 2011

Will they still have your back when things are not going great? What let’s you trust them or not?

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Their actions are what built trust.

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She is honorable, and that’s what she’ll feel she needs to do, even when things are not going great.

Of course, if we’re on the verge of divorce, the story will be different.

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Alright, stupid redneck analogy:

In those old “spaghetti western” movies when the band of hostiles is coming over the hill to burn the cabin and otherwise spread carnage, the women in the scenes generally fall into two categories:

1) There is the dainty flower who’s only contribution is to cower in the corner and scream leaving her husband to single highhandedly fight off the entire hoard armed only with his trusty Henry rifle.

2) The woman who reloads the guys rifle for him.

I am very blessed with a woman who will not only reload for me, if she happened to be the one by the window at the time she would have no hesitation in grabbing the rifle and I would have no problem taking the role of ammo guy.

Have I ever questioned how she would react if the chips were down. Alas, yes. It happened the first time I became unexpectedly self-employed (read had my job outsourced to a guy half way around the world who’s name had more syllables than we have characters in our alphabet)

I was, as one might expect, deeply concerned about my ability to continue supporting my family and about her feelings towards me when the safety net dried up. I was bemoaning those concerns (I’m sure for the gabillionth time) when she finally had enough and absolutely let me have it. The summarized version of what she said:

… How can you possibly believe that money is the reason I stick around. You certainly didn’t have any when I married you and if you think I am going to up and leave because of a minor bump in the road you aren’t as smart as I thought you were…

It was both one of the most humbling and enriching moments of my life.

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@YoBob I think you found a keeper.

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Trust them not to cheat? Or, trust them to be supportive? Or, trust them not to leave?

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@JLeslie Great question. I was thinking of them just being there, but there are lots of other ways to betray our trust. Interesting.

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Yes, yes and we’ve been through some interesting times.

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I wouldn’t want to be with her if I didn’t know I could trust her when things got really dicey.

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My wife has a true and honest heart. She is a very good person.
However, she is not the sharpest knife in the drawer.
She is easily confused by people who try to manipulate her.
I love her, and I know she loves me, but I wouldn’t want her on a jury judging me.

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Typical “rough times” have not been our challenge as a couple and sometimes I’ve wished for those instead. We make a good team and have tested each other pretty thoroughly in the past few years, some intentionally both mostly just ironing out baggage. We are very comfortable to face just about anything else not already worked out.

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I don’t know.
My boyfriend and I have a unique relationship. It’s not really based on mutual trust.

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Her actions throughout our relationship.

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