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Men: do you prefer white or black sexy lingerie on a woman?

Asked by JLeslie (54594points) November 12th, 2011

I once read that women think men prefer black sexy lingerie, when the reality is they prefer white. Honestly, I have no idea if what I read was just a man writing an article, or an actual study that was done.

I thought I would ask the men in our collective for their opinion.

If you prefer a totally different color go ahead and tell us, but please also answer if you could only choose black or white which do you choose,

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Depends on the person really, hair color too I would think. Also their personality. More of a “Naughty fun” lol person would wear black while the “Quiet and innocent” would wear white.

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I guess I’d say white. The last lingerie I bought for my girlfriend was white.

I mostly prefer whatever lingerie I am taking off of her.

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Matching to the skin tone. Light skinned, white, dark skinned, black. If I can only have one, black.

Pale blue is the best, however.

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I like lingerie that matches that floor covering, since that’s where it’ll be ere long.

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I am old fashioned, but black sexy pantyhose make me>>>.

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It honestly doesn’t matter, the image goes in the “spank bank”, then it’s time to take it off or just get down to business. But it’s better to do it with it on, so you can see the image.

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Hmm, I like red lingerie.

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Depends on the skin tone, but I would usually go for black (especially black stay up nylons). Pink is also great.

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I like white. It’s edibly clean.

But I’ll never refuse other colors. I wouldn’t want to be rude.

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Now because of @worriedguy ‘s comment…

I like it gummy.

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I prefer black. But I like other colors. Green. Blue. Red. Purple. Not sure about orange. I’m not really a fan of white, but it depends on how it is designed and what it is.

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I like my lingerie the way I like my coffee.

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@AstroChuck Black and with two D cups of that sweet sweet sugar?

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Same way I prefer my men.

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Hmmm… A Challenge.

Black and strong? With a side of “cream”?

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Definitely high contrast with her skin color. Caucasians or light-skinned Orientals and black lingerie, from medium brown to dark brown skin is best set off by white lingerie.

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with feathery white wings, holding a tray of freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies (with walnuts).

What?! I’m specific.

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Red or pink, makes the boys wank…..I mean wink! ;¬}

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My husband prefers cotton undies, and a ribbed ‘wife beater’ tank or cotton camisole on me. No, seriously.

Oops, I forgot to mention color. Pretty much any color will do, but not some crazy pattern or anything. Something plain, like this.

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@augustlan Why does she have a bottle of milk?

your into some wierd porn lady

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Did someone mention milk?

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@MilkyWay How the hell did you do that? XD

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@XOIIO Do what? Sorry, I’m a bit drunk on milk right now.

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It really doesn’t matter, as long as it has lots of delicate lace and is ‘feminine’.

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It’s only on for about two minutes and then it’s somewhere on the floor after that, so the actual color does not matter at all!

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Now there’s a sensible attitude!

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