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Why do guy's faces get puffy when they get older (once they get into, say, their late 30's)

Asked by Jude (32162points) June 21st, 2011

Just something that I have noticed (simmer down, guys). I am in my late 30’s and because of Facebook, I am able to reconnect with old friends from high school. With the boys, even though some have remained relatively thin, their faces look puffy. Anyone else notice this? Is that how men age (in their late 30’s/early 40’s)?

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If they are a drinker,I definitely notice it.

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The faces of the men I know have become more angular as they move into their 40’s. But they tend to be thin, muscular and serious exercise fiends.

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Slower metabolism. Less-active lifestyle. My 38-year-old face is suddenly feeling extremely puffy. Damn. Going for a walk…

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That’s what I was gonna say!! With my Ex I totally notice his face gets puffy with excess drinking! It’s normally from poor diet, as it is bloating from water retention!!

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Aging means less time for one to spend improving his body and if he doesn’t do some sport he’ll definitely get a puffy face [ like mine ^^ ].

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I think it’s the exorbitant amount of sodium in our diets. Not necessarily the salt we add at the dinner table, but the salt already added to processed foods before we even get to them. Have you seen the sodium content of some canned soups? It’s mind blowing… And as we all know, sodium makes you retain water, hence the puffy face, hands, feet etc…..

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@lucillelucillelucille has it….Liquor

sometimes it has to do with large quantities of meat/fat in their diets, also. It’s a sign that the kidneys are not able to keep up with the toxicity being ingested.

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Just reconnected with an old boyfriend on Facebook. He tracked me down. He used to have a babyface. Now, he’s looking a little puffy. He’s thin and very active in sports. Going by his photos, he likes to tip a few. Still cute, though.

Could be the booze.

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I have developed puffy morning face the last 8 years or so, it is also part of my allergy/sinus curse. lol

I don’t really know, but, what I do know is that clay masks and keeping a washcloth in the frizzer for morning deflating helps a LOT! haha

I OD’d on BBQ smoke the other night, it really messed me up yesterday and still today. I have been walking around all morning intermittently with my frozen washcloth on my face. haha

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Have to say it hasn’t happened to me yet. Sadly all my hair fell out instead.

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I agree with the people above who say it can be alcohol related. It also can be general health related. Bad diet catches up with you, both men and women.

I find it odd that you say they are still just skinny as theybused to be, but just have a puffy face. Could be sodium, but even then they would be a little puffier all over.

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(Note the sarcasm delimiter above….)

Well, it is basically for the same reason that women’s behinds get bigger when they hit 40.

But seriously, It’s not just diet, alcohol, staying out in the sun to long, etc… Sure, all of these contribute to premature aging, but the bottom line is it is just a normal part of the way our bodies change as we age. Our metabolism slows down and our skin looses it’s tightness.

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It’s all of the above:
– sedentary lifestyle;
– excess sodium;
– liquor;
– diet

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Yes I have noticed this. Puffy faces are likely due to unhealthy living and that is very sad. Most Americans just let themselves go which makes them vulnerable to obesity and associated diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

Puffy face syndrome hasn’t happened to me yet and I’m 60. I’ve always made it a point to stay physically fit, eat healthy foods and lay off the tobacco, alcohol and other recreational drugs. I have always maintained the same weight as I did in high school (body mass index is 21).

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There is truth in that, but, lots of us develop allergy and sinus issues as we age too. I never had allergies forever, and now, between 40 and 50 I do, and it sucks. I drink boatloads of water, get plenty of sleep, don’t eat a lot of junk, but, I have read that for many women anyway, that hormones can cause sinus issues during the menopause years, I give up on trying to figure out my issues. I just cope with them. I have gone dairy and glutton free, tried every remedy known, and it’s just something I manage, some days are better than others. We all get something, sinus stuff seems to be my curse.

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Of the one I’ve noticed over time, it’s been because of alcohol or lacklustre eating habits.

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I notice it most in people who drink alot…

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@Coloma: One of the reasons I consider you an adopted daughter is your “let-‘er-rip” attitude.

“I have gone glutton-free” is charming but you probably mean gluten-free?

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I doubt it’s a normal trait of growing older and that other forces outside the person may be causing this, as I have seen many men who eat healthy and exercise regularly (and are 30+) without that puffy look. I mostly notice that look on men who don’t exercise and eat healthy and are generally unhappy. I’ve yet to see a healthy man look that way :/

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Dairy also. I think it is Marilu Henner who wrote a book about it, I never read, not sure exactly what she says in her book, but I basically agree dairy isn’t good. I went through several years where I rarely at any, and I think it was much better. I was thinner, my skin was better. I also was younger, so who knows for sure, I would have to test it again. I might.

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@JLeslie….I agree with you. Marilu Henner is actually macrobiotic or extols the macrobiotic diet (or a similar one to that.)

If a person is not generally overweight and they are “puffy”, it is almost always a food allergy…allergy to wheat, dairy, flour, sugar. All of these contribute to the retention of water. There are also so many chemicals in foods today and the toxins also contribute to the retention of water.

Also, a lot of overweight people would lose weight if they learned to food combine, and to also figure out what they are allergic to as allergies to certains foods are a big cause of weight gain.

And definitely…..booze does that too.

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